Egyptian pharaohs wore Russian clothes flax

A photo from open sources

Why are the history and culture of Egypt and India so closely intertwined with traditions of Russia?

Candidate of Historical Sciences Svetlana Zharnikova opens new parallels between the cultural heritage of India, Russia, Egypt. Plunging into ancient history, we see that the roots of protoculture, which subsequently provided the basis for the formation of many peoples, lie on the territory of our country. Kostenkovskaya culture on the Don considered the oldest Europioid human settlements in Europe. Traces of what ancient civilization on the Don Tour Heyerdahl was looking for? Mahabharata talks about the sixth millennium when there was a city Ajamidha, in which the ruler was expelled from his original territories where the North Star shines at the zenith, from the island to ice sea. Who taught the Egyptians how to make linen clothes? IN Flax crops do not grow in Egypt, where did they come from? Why was the oldest list of Artharveda written on birch bark? AND where in India came the tradition by which marriage is still in higher castes are not considered legal until a record of him is made on birch bark?

Egypt India Pharaohs

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