Egyptian pyramid found in China

In Egypt, found the Egyptian pyramidPhotos from open sources of

Archaeologists and other specialists working in this area, here have been excavating in Zhengzhou province for many years, hoping that artifacts that can shed light are hidden here on the history of ancient China.

And their efforts were successful: the other day, experts discovered here is something unique to China – a pyramidal structure, very similar to the Egyptian pyramids. True, this pyramid is completely small (8 meters wide and 30 meters long) compared to famous constructions of ancient Egypt, so she even enclosed in a semi-cylindrical underground building. Get to a unique pyramid is only possible through a narrow passage.

What surprises archaeologists is that for China it’s completely not characteristic building, most likely built at the beginning the third century AD, that is, during the reign of the Han Dynasty. How did the culture of ancient Egypt come into contact with the culture Of ancient China, whether any external forces and what – scientists want to sort this out more thoroughly having studied this mysterious pyramid.

Currently, journalists received only brief comments. more specialists from the Bureau of Cultural Relics of the PRC age of the unique structure found, but not its origin and even more so – destination.

Ufologists believe that the Chinese pyramid, like the Egyptian ones, and many others, scattered throughout the Earth and discovered even in the depths of the oceans, built by aliens. Lately The theory that such buildings are gaining more and more confirmation played primarily the role of peculiar space batteries energy, although in parallel they could perform other functions, say communicate with the alien home planet, coordinate the connection of UFOs with bases on Earth and on the planets of the solar system, well, etc. And only people later adapted them to their tombs …

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