Egyptian pyramids built by giants

Egyptian pyramids built by giantsPhotos from open Sources Today, many scientists are already questioning the fact the construction of the pyramids on the African continent by the ancient Egyptians. The fact that the pyramids served as the tombs of the pharaohs is not at all means they are built by slaves of ancient egypt like this presents the official history of the world. Came to this conclusion archaeologists periodically excavating in many parts of the world the remains of giant people who, according to researchers, and are the creators of the first of seven wonders of the world.

Ancient burials of unprecedented huge people really found all over the world (although information on these discoveries is known reasons hiding from us), and not only on land, but and under water. For example, several years ago in Yakutia, they unearthed the remains of a real giant, apparently belonging to some a mysterious race that completely crosses out human representations about his distant ancestors and the development of life on our planet.

Scientists not prone to conservative views on history of humanity, believe that 12-20 thousand years ago, the Earth was populated by giant people reaching a height of 12 meters or more Togo. The giants of antiquity possessed incredible physical strength and were amazing, even for a modern person, smart. Is connected it was with the size of their brain many times larger than ours, not It’s known, but it was precisely this praised Today, many scientists attribute the construction of the pyramids. To that but they erected such structures not only in African mainland, but also in South America, and in many other places of the planet you can meet all the same mysterious pyramids.

We still don’t know for what purpose were created the pyramids. Maybe they served as a kind of communication channel ancient man with space. Its knowledge is highly intellectual a race could receive from a universe storing a huge amount information and answers to all questions.

What the Egyptians considered the mysterious builders of the pyramids, we can just guess. The civilization that arose on the banks of the Nile, for sure, I saw them as supreme gods, worshiped them and therefore used the sacred pyramids as tombs for their higher rulers.

There are several hypotheses about how the giants that once inhabited our planet, disappeared from its surface, leaving us around the world material evidence of its existence. Most likely their intensive growth was associated with a high oxygen content in air, and when the composition of the atmosphere, the climatic conditions of the planet and its gravity began to change, the conditions created were unacceptable to the life of giants and led to their death. Or they just left our planet, which is more likely because archaeologists find the usual burial of these representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, and surprisingly few such finds …

Giants Life Pyramids

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