Elena Roerich about the future of Russia

In June last year, a small note was held on our website –
prediction of the medium of Elena Roerich about the fate of Germany. This publication
aroused great interest and ambiguous reaction of our readers.
Therefore, we decided to continue the publication of the prophecies (Roerich received
them as messages from Mahatma Moria by the method of clairaudience) of this
unique Russian woman who was an example of spiritual
perfection and achievement. This time about everything that Roerich said about

Recall that the Roerich couple, that is, Helen and Nikolai (the famous
an artist who exalted beauty and spirituality in his paintings
Russia and Tibet) did not accept the October 1917 coup in
their country, opposed Bolshevism, and a little later in general
they left Russia, although they never interrupted their spiritual connection with her.
For example, before World War II, Elena writes a lot about what
waiting for mankind in the coming years that Hitler and his clique will
destroyed after Germany attacks the USSR. Russian people
severe trials and hardships await, she argued long before the Great
victory, but Russia will come out of them the winner.

The most amazing thing, Roerich says in one of his letters, that
Russia constantly interfered and still interferes with the West, and therefore many
Liberals seriously believe that the death of Russia will be salvation to all
the world. However, in reality, with the death of Russia, the whole world will perish. BUT
But the revival of Russia is the revival of the world. Russia will be the first to pass
the way of the great test, will rise from the ashes and lead all
other countries.

By the way, let’s say that the famous Vanga spoke very warmly about
the Roerich couple. She said that the paintings of Nikola Konstantinovich (more
7000 cloths) are encrypted messages to the future of humanity.
So far this legacy remains an unsolved mystery, since
Nicholas Roerich’s paintings (see video) are actually mystically
attractive and full of some deep meaning …

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