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An amazing experiment was reported by the British newspaper The Daily Mail. The result was called a sensation. But looked clean science fiction. Photo from open sources Allegedly, excavating a mammoth in Yakutia, a group scientists from Japan, the USA and Russia – those who are going to clone hairy giant, – stumbled upon unknown frozen science bacteria. They warmed them, multiplied. And introduced to laboratory mice. Mice not only younger, but also turned into sex giants. “Some older animals showed an increase in physical, mental and sexual activity, and some females brought offspring at the age equivalent to 70 years in humans “, – the newspaper cites the conclusions of specialists of the Tyumen Scientific Center, conducted the experiment. And calls miracle bacteria “prehistoric Viagra. Isn’t it a joke? A mouse that was injected with bacteria mammoths, “has become a sex giant. – We truly believe that discovered bacteria can prolong the period of sexual human activity, says professor Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Anatoly Brushkov. – Yes, and life, probably. At least test results on mice and insects allow such hope. SEX UNTIL 100 YEARS AS Brushkov told us, excavations were carried out in the area of ​​the Yakut river Aldan – on the so-called Mammoth Mountain. She is literally strewn with no not only the remains of these giants, but also woolly rhinos, saber-toothed tigers and cave lions. There in the permafrost layer and found frozen bacteria. – They were “mothballed” by a sharp the cooling that happened about 20 thousand years ago, – explains excavation participant Andrei Subbotin, candidate of biological sciences. – IN the bacteria developed the so-called cryoprotectants – substances, which protect the body from freezing. Anatoly Brushkov at permafrost layer from which the “prehistoric Viagra. “The bacteria themselves are from 3 to 5 million years old,” scientists. But, despite his advanced age, microorganisms, Once in the heat, began to multiply rapidly. And then someone came up with the idea: inject “long-livers” into the blood of mice and see what of this will work out. So, purely by accident, a sensation was born. – especially beneficial vaccination acted on the old and weakened animals, – says Lyudmila Kalenova, doctor of biological sciences. -They are bolder, their muscle strength, intelligence, and sex have quickly increased. activity. Permanent frozen bacteria are estimated to be contemporaries of mammoths – extended the life of laboratory animals in an average of 20 percent. Preserving to them almost to death the ability to active action. For people, this would be expressed in desire and opportunities to have sex at about 100 years of age. Scientists would like to understand why bacteria have beneficial effect. And continue to research with colleagues from the Russian Academy of Sciences. – In our hands is almost immortal living creature, says Professor Brushkov. – It is possible that this is exactly the form of life that came to earth from others worlds … The mystery of naked diggers Man with exchange processes like a naked molester would live up to 800 years. Scientists shocked by the miracles of longevity that show naked diggers, or, to put it scientifically, Heterocephalus glaber. By in fact, it is something like moles. Only without wool. Live in africa underground. The size of a mouse. And they live for almost 30 years. A kind of Duncans MacLeods. Compared to mice, of course, which barely reach up to 3 years. If a person had the health of a naked mole rat, then would live up to 800 years. Almost like the biblical Adam. Recently researchers led by Rochelle Buffenstein of University of Texas Science Medical Center San Antonio (University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio) studied metabolic processes of the underground animal. But really they never figured out. We only realized that the squirrels of underground diggers practically do not change throughout life. And they are not damage free radicals. But these radicals are considered almost the main culprits of aging. Like, they oxidize the tissue, cells, spoil the DNA, gradually rendering the whole organism unusable. Underground diggers have been exposed to oxidative processes twice as strong as mice. But they age 10 times slower. Why so going on? This is a mystery, solving which could be substantially extend human life and surpass in this sense underground diggers who live in much worse conditions. Worse than that us in the subway. Vladimir LAGOVSKY

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