Europe’s oldest footprints found of man

A photo from open sources

In May 2013, archaeologists in England traces of the feet of ancient people discovered, left about 800 000 years ago. These prints are recognized today. the oldest ever found in Europe. Perfectly surviving traces were found on the seashore nearby from the English village of Hapisberg in Norfolk. They are imprinted on petrified rocks of the coast, which the sea cleared of dirt and sand. Scientists rushed to study and document these fragile prints, before the tracks were washed away by the waves for just two weeks. “Without a doubt, these are the oldest traces of an ancient man that ever been discovered in Europe. In addition, they are some of the oldest human footprints in the world, ” said archaeologist from the Natural History Museum Simon Parfitt. Scientists previously suspected that more than 800,000 years ago in the area ancient people lived. Their assumptions were based on finds. stone tools of prehistoric time. The landscape of that period much different from the nature that we observe today. The territory of modern Britain was connected with the continental Europe, and the Thames bed flowed in the neighborhood of Norfolk, creating fresh water pools and swamps in its floodplain. Climate of time was also significantly different from modern – summer was much hotter than it is now, and winter is harsher. In forests conifers predominated, and giant beavers also inhabited rhinos and mammoths. Studying previously discovered in the same area fossilized bones of ancient people, archaeologists even then came to to the conclusion that our distant ancestors didn’t just wander the open spaces modern England, and lived constantly on its territory. Discovered recently, traces left at the very beginning of origin human race, have become a confirmation of this. Specialists photographed footprints of ancient people, after which presented them as a three-dimensional model that demonstrated these prints with incredible detail. And with the help of measurement traces, as well as an analysis of their length and width, were not made by scientists labor actually reconstruct the height and weight of the bodies of the ancients representatives of humanity who left behind these unique prints. As a result of the analysis, it was possible to identify traces five people moving on two legs. Based on the fact that how As a rule, the foot length of a modern person is about 15 percent of his growth, presumably the growth of these people was from 0.9 to 1.7 meters. Perhaps these footprints were left by the family people, consisting of both children and adults. Moreover, experts are sure that the tracks belonged to one of the oldest hominids living in Europe. Most likely they were representatives of the species Homo antecessor, which translates as – human preceding. This kind of people disappeared over 600,000 years ago, losing its place in the evolutionary process to Heidelberg a person who is the ancestor of Neanderthals.


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