Evidence of an ancient war using weapons of mass destruction

Evidence of an ancient war using weapons of mass destructionPhotos from open sources

In an excellent study called “Technology of the Gods: incredible science of the ancients “writer David Hatcher Childress examines existing evidence of “ancient atomic warfare. 6 February 1947, the New York Herald Tribune appeared article about unusual archaeological anomalies. The article is busily and The following were reported without much thought or conclusion:

When the first atomic bomb was torn in New Mexico, desert sand turned into sintered green glass. This fact, according to Free World magazine, it has attracted the attention of some archaeologists. They excavated in the Euphrates Valley and discovered a layer agricultural crop dating back to the VI millennium BC. e., an earlier layer of cattle breeding culture and an even older cave culture. They recently reached the next layer, consisting of … sintered green glass.

This fact so impressed the author of the article that he managed to give just the following comment: “Just think about this! ”

Of course, sintered glass could form as a result of powerful lightning strikes during a thunderstorm. There is a certain a kind of archaeological and geological curiosities called fulgurites. These are branched tubular splices of sintered green glass formed by lightning strikes.

But the fact is that lightning strikes cannot turn into more or less uniform mass of green glass entire areas of the desert. Many researchers hypothesize the existence of paleocivilization concluded that such areas appeared as a result of the use of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons in the course of the ancient war.

Generally accepted academic theory rejects this idea and points out that meteorites of sufficient size have sufficient a supply of mechanical energy for the formation of extensive glassy areas when falling in the desert. But the fact is that meteor strikes leave craters while aerial nuclear explosions lead to the release of a huge amount thermal energy melting the silicon base of desert sand and dirt. That is what the layer of “green glass” looked like: no craters and huge areas of sintered glassy mass.

Researchers of the paleocivilization hypothesis point to the existence of at least three well-known societies within this civilizations: • Rama empire in the Indian subcontinent; •The Osirian Empire in North Africa and the Mediterranean; •Atlantis, located either in the Atlantic or in Antarctica.

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Other variations of this hypothesis include Lemuria, the deceased. the continent connecting Indochina, Burma and Malaysia with Australia, and My is a civilization that sank in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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Note that according to most versions, the Osirian civilization that once occupied the East Mediterranean Basin and North Africa along with Egypt, along with the civilization of Rama was relatively peaceful and friendly society. According to most sources, a belligerent position Atlantis.

However, as noted in the book of Zechariah Sitchin “Wars of the Gods and people “, the war between different societies of this paleocivilization It was conducted mainly for the destruction of the “Great Arms”, that is Death Stars of Giza, or the Great Pyramid. I agree with this hypothesis, but it must be reconstructed, since obviously the society that built the Death Star of Giza is hardly belonged to a peaceful and benevolent Osirian civilization. Accordingly, I believe that Atlantic civilization spread to North Africa and specifically to Egypt. The subsequent ancient Egyptian civilization, most likely, was a combination of Atlantic and Osirian elements. Thus, the war was fought between the elements Osirian society located in the Eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia and the countries of the Fertile Crescent, as well as the empire of Rama, located on the Indian subcontinent, and the Atlantic civilization – on the other hand.

In support of this hypothesis, there is a curious, if not terrifying evidence of the use of atomic weapons against Egypt, Middle East and Indian subcontinent. In the South-West Egyptian desert, on the border of Libya, Chad and Sudan there is a huge a region of sintered green glass known as “Libyan desert glass.” In India, whole cities were “vitrified” under the influence of huge temperature. On the the stone streets are the human skeletons that often hold each other’s hands or have signs of ordinary human activities as if suddenly burned and sintered with molten a stone. In the vicinity of modern Bombay is the most striking evidence – Lonar crater with a diameter of 2154 m:

A photo from open sources Crater, whose age is less than 50 000 years, could be associated with nuclear war in ancient times. No traces of meteorite material were found in the crater itself or its surroundings, while it is the only one world-famous basalt impact crater. Analysis shows traces of a powerful shock wave (pressure over 600,000 atmospheres) and sharp heat stroke (as evidenced by microspheres from basalt glass).

A photo from open sources

If the crater was formed as a result of the use of weapons, then, according to in all likelihood, it was not nuclear, since nuclear weapons were not Belongs to the class of shock weapons.

As Childress points out, the vitrification (glazing) of a brick, rock and sand could be caused by various high-tech means, In his book “The Ancients astronauts: time reversed? “New Zealand author Robia Collins names five methods by which people, or “ancient astronauts, could wage war with various societies on Earth. He emphasizes that these methods are again booming in modern society.

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These five methods are: plasma guns, thermonuclear torches, holes punched in the ozone layer, weather manipulation and the release of tremendous energy, for example, in a nuclear explosion … Explaining the structure of a plasma gun, Collins says: “The plasma gun has already been tested experimentally in peaceful purposes: Ukrainian scientists from the Institute of Geotechnical, Mechanics drilled tunnels in iron mines using a plasma torch, i.e. e. plasma reactive installation, which allows to obtain a temperature of 6000 ° C. ”

The plasma in this case is an electrified gas…

Collins further describes the thermonuclear torch: “This is another a possible method of warfare used by astronauts or ancient highly developed civilizations on Earth. Thermonuclear the torch is essentially an advanced plasma jet installation. In 1970, the theory of plasma development! and south torch was presented at an aerospace scientific meeting in New York by Dr. Bernard J. Eastlupd and William C. Coe. The main idea is to achieve fantastic temperatures. at least 50,000,000 ° C that can be held and control”.

In the following chapters I will state my hypothesis that nuclear hydrogen plasma energy in the Great Pyramid was paired with superlight “pilot wave” along with acoustic and electromagnetic energy and was sent to the target using harmonic interferometry. As a result, powerful nuclear and thermonuclear reactions begin in the target itself, regardless of its chemical composition

Finally, mutually supporting evidence is contained in ancient Chinese legends where monstrous weapons are narrated called “mirror yin – yang.” According to Collins, “it is technically possible for solar mirrors to reflect light, heat (and electromagnetic radiation) from the central core, i.e. a plasma source located in the center of the mirror from crystalline / metallic alloy and magnetically held field. “As we will see later, the Great Pyramid is not only It was designed as a crystal and a mirror, but it worked out precisely such a plasma, drawing it from the energy of the sun, the solar system and the galaxy itself, along with the “star engine” of the Sun – energy thermonuclear fusion.

So what do we have?

• verified cities and fortifications whose radioactive the radiation in the case of Indian monuments can only be compared with the residual radiation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; • powerful layers fused green glass in Sumer and Egypt; • ancient Chinese texts referring to a superweapon called “mirror yin – yang “; • ancient Sanskrit and Hindu texts that speak of superweapons “charged with all the power of the universe”; • Sumerian texts, where the Great Pyramid is spoken of as the “Great Arms” and the “Great Disaster. ”

References: Childress, Technology of the Gods Childress, Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis (Kempton, Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999) David Hatcher Childress, Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients (Kempton. Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2000)

Joseph Farrell

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