Examination in Germany will reveal the secret of huge Ecuadorian skeletons

Examination in Germany will reveal the secret of huge Ecuadorian skeletonsA photo from open sources

Huge human skeletons found in the Republic of Ecuador in 2013, recently sent for examination to Europe. German specialists intend to conduct a series of thorough analyzes and find out the origin of amazing remains.

According to anthropologist Russell Dement, who is the head of the upcoming study, the bones of six people whose height reached two hundred thirteen-two hundred forty-three centimeters, were discovered two years ago. The first assessment of the find showed that the remains date from the beginning of the fourteenth to the middle of the fifteenth centuries. According to experts, the bones found indicate that centuries ago, the Amazonian forest was inhabited by a race high enough, even by today’s standards, people. Nonetheless, thorough research has not yet begun, so the final conclusions it is too early to speak.

The first skeleton found, according to anthropologists, belonged to the woman. First, during a flood in Ecuador, her thoracic surface cage and skull that were caught by local residents. Then Ecuadorians found the rest of the skeleton. Later arrived here archaeologists who began large-scale excavations and discovered on this territory the remains belonging to five more humanoids. Experts note that the bodies were wrapped in leaves at one time and buried in a thick layer of clay, so the bones are perfectly preserved. Scientists now boldly declare that the people who own these remains were absolutely healthy. In particular, researchers found no signs of hormonal disruption that could would lead to gigantism.

The study is supposed to last a whole year, i.e. Its results will be available in October 2016. Being prepared examination will compare deoxyribonucleic acid found giants with DNA representatives of the Ecuadorian Native American hivaro people to better understand the origin of the giants.

It is noteworthy that the indigenous people of this region tell one interesting legend. According to local beliefs, once in the forests here were inhabited by tall fair-skinned and fair-haired people, who eschewed the Indians, but did no harm to anyone.

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