“Extinct Volcano” turned out to be ancient the pyramid

Photo from open sources

The team of archaeologists at the University of Missouri (USA) under the leadership of Professor Robert Benfer discovered a mysterious pyramid in Peru the place of the “extinct volcano” of El Vulcano, which is located in the valley Nepenia.

Rather, it will be said that this hill is sixteen meters high for a long time (since 1960, when it was found) was considered asleep volcano, because at first glance it looked like that. But scientists are all more surprising was the fact that the height of the hill for the present the fire-breathing monster is too small, so the theory of its man-made origin has been put forward more than once.

And now, presumably, the archaeologists finally got their hands on this remarkable object. And they really found in “extinct volcano” a broken staircase, a hearth with the remains of a tree coal and much more, very mysterious and interesting. Last time in this man-made pyramid (and in this there is already not the slightest doubt) the hearth was kindled around the fourteenth century.

A photo from open sources

The pyramid, as archaeologists realized, was erected by an unknown civilization, most likely for ritual needs. Benfer even suggested that aborigines gathered here in the days solar eclipses. In the fourteenth century, on which basically accounted for the “heyday” of the pyramid, there were four such eclipses. Moreover, according to other sources, people who lived in the territory the modern state of Peru has never been sunny eclipses with fear, for them it was a kind of holiday that provided the opportunity to appeal to the gods with their requests.

The pyramid itself, according to archaeologists, could be built much earlier however exact date of occurrence of this a mysterious object has not yet been established. Perhaps a pyramid El Vulcano (conditionally you can still call it that) was part of a single a complex of other historical sites of the valley of Nepenia. In such case, her age can range from 900 to 200 years before our era.

Volcanoes Eclipse Peru Pyramids

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