Facts from the life and life of the Ancient Romans

Facts from the life and life of the Ancient RomansA photo from open sources

1. In ancient Rome, if the patient died during surgery, the doctor cut off his hands. 2. In Rome, during the time of the republic, the brother had a legal the right to punish your sister for disobedience by having sex with her. 3. In ancient Rome, a group of slaves belonging to one person, called … surname 4. Among the first fifteen Roman emperors Claudius alone did not have love affairs with men. it considered unusual behavior and ridiculed by poets and writers, who said: loving only women, Claudius himself became effeminate. 5. In the Roman army, soldiers lived in tents of 10 human. At the head of each tent was a senior, whom called … dean. 6. In ancient Rome, as in the Middle Ages, not had toilet paper. The Romans used a stick with a cloth on end soaked in a bucket of water. 7. In Rome, wealthy citizens lived in mansion houses. Guests knocked on the door of the house with a mallet door ring. A mosaic inscription was posted on the doorstep of the house. salve (welcome). Some houses instead of dogs guarded slaves tied to a ring in the wall. 8. In ancient Rome, the noble gentlemen as napkins on feasts used curly boys. Rather, of course, only their hair was used, oh who wiped their hands. For boys, it was considered incredible. good luck getting into the service of a senior Roman as such a “table boy.” 9. Some women in Rome drank turpentine (despite the risk of fatal poisoning), since it gave urine the smell of roses. 10. The tradition of the wedding kiss has come to us from the Roman Empire, where the newlyweds at the end of the marriage kissing, only then the kiss had a different meaning – he meant a kind of seal under an oral marriage contract. So a marriage deal was valid 11. The popular expression “return to family Penates, “meaning returning to your home, to the hearth, it is more correct to pronounce in another way: “return to the native Penates.” The fact is that the Penates are the Roman guardian gods of the home hearth, and each family usually had images of two Penates next to hearth. 12. The wife of the Roman emperor Claudius, Messalina, was so lustful and depraved that it struck a lot accustomed contemporaries. According to historians Tacitus and Suetonius, she not only kept a brothel in Rome, but herself there she earned money as a prostitute, personally serving clients. She even arranged a competition with another famous prostitute and won him, serving 50 customers against 25. 13. The month of August, which formerly called Sextillis (sixth), was renamed in honor of Roman emperor Augustus. January named after the Roman god Janus, who had two faces: one looking back – last year, and the second looked forward – into the future. Name of the month April comes from the Latin word “aperire”, which means to discover, possibly because flower buds open this month. 14. In ancient Rome, prostitution was not only not illegal, but also was considered an ordinary profession. The priestesses of love were not shamed and contempt, so they did not have to hide their status. They are walked freely around the city, offering their services, and so that they it was easier to distinguish from the crowd, prostitutes wore high shoes heeled shoes. No one else wore heels so as not to enter buy sex confusing. 15. In ancient Rome existed special bronze coins to pay for the services of prostitutes – spintria. They depicted erotic scenes – usually people in various poses at the time of intercourse.

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