Finns found a fifteenth-century wreck with gold

The Finns found a fifteenth-century wreck with goldA photo from open sources South of the Finnish island of Ussaro local archaeologists discovered the wreck of the ship “Hanneke Wrome”, the victim here a shipwreck in the middle of the fifteenth century. Oak length the ship was thirty meters. On board were two hundred people carrying valuable cargo.

The ship was found by Finnish underwater archaeologists, who in 1999 became famous after the discovery of the ship “Vrouw Maria”. Another triumphant discovery allowed them to visit the sunken ship “Hanneke Wrome”, which went to the bottom of the twentieth of November 1468. Historical evidence that allowed specialists to find out this date, also claim that the ship transported ten thousand coins from gold, one thousand two hundred barrels of honey and two hundred bales of silk. Despite the fact that honey and fabric for five and a half centuries is irrevocably deteriorated, the Finns managed to extract most of the surface precious coins. The rest of them were “taken away” by underwater currents.

The cost of the archaeological find is estimated at fifty million eurodollars.

“Hanneke Wrome”, named after his captain, was one of two ships sailing from a German during a storm Lubeck in Estonian Tallinn. Second ship to destination, let even with great difficulties, but got, however, “Hanneke Wrome” together with two hundred crew members on board sank. Catastrophe then became one of the largest in the Baltic Sea.

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