Fire-breathing dragons once lived on Earth

Fire-breathing dragons once lived on EarthPhotos from open sources of

Reading from childhood tales and legends about dragons breathing fire, about various monsters, centaurs, unicorns, demigod people, we we don’t even know that all these tales are nothing but recollection of living on Earth of past civilizations.

The new documentary project “Hunting for psychics” tells about unique finds that prove that intelligent life on our planet did not exist two hundred thousand years, according to official science (and this period is mainly accounted for, supposedly, on a primitive man of the Stone Age), and hundreds of millions (possibly even billions) years.

For example, excavations on Lysaya Gora in the village of Solomasovo, Tula suddenly “presented” to scientists the so-called “Alekseevsky stones” with the image of flying saucers, reasonable reptiles and some unknown entities, between which, apparently, there was a war. AND these stones are millions of years old. It turns out that once our Earth inhabited by a completely different intelligent life – fire-breathing dragons and lizards, all kinds of other entities that were primordial civilization on the planet. It was she who had to face aliens from outer space in the form of man, aliens more perfect physically and spiritually as well as technically better equipped. This war, apparently, lasted a very long time, and, in the end, man defeated her by driving fire-breathing dinosaurs underground. All this can be read in the most ancient book of earthlings – Mahabharata, which is a unique collection of memories of former life is not Earth.

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Today, researchers tend to believe that on our planet there were at least five civilizations that perished due global planetary catastrophes however individual representatives these civilizations somehow survived and passed on their knowledge to their descendants, that is, to other civilizations. Moreover, most likely, they gave rise to intelligent life on Earth again. There is an assumption that they still live in some parallel worlds, watching our development and, possibly, restraining our aggression and unreasonableness …

Previous civilizations were not only distinguished by the greatest technological advances, these overhangs themselves were perfect, that is, they were able to move in space and time, become invisible, fly, communicate telepathically and much another. We, the living, still have many secrets and those great knowledge, that are stored on Earth do not open for the simple reason that we are not ready for them. But … gradually the veil rises, and today is a period when humanity is facing updating the race to a more perfect one. Exactly because of this reason there are so many strange and unusual things in the world now. This and UFO activity, and the emergence of indigo children, and widespread esoteric knowledge, and more. About all this, only more in detail and simply exciting, the authors of the new the documentary “The Hunt for Psychics.”

By the way, it provides a lot of facts, convincingly proving that an intelligent person (even more intelligent than us) existed millions of years ago, for example, evidence of this can serve as the “London hammer” which is one hundred and forty million years old. At the same time, the iron from which it is made is so perfect (without bubbles and does not rust) that the modern production of this metal can’t create anything like it yet …

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