Five ancient underwater cities

Everyone, no doubt, heard the legend of Atlantis – the ancient, once a great city, forever perished in the depths of the sea. To this day the legendary city was never found (as, however, no evidence of its very existence), however, were discovered other underwater cities, each of which is as sinister as amazing.

1. Port Royal, Jamaica

Once this city was notorious for the whole world pirates, prostitutes, booze and rampant nightly fun, it was called “the dirtiest and most sinful city on earth.” and it was. But in June 1692, a monstrous earthquake of 7.5 points shocked Jamaica, and Port Royal went under water because of its unsteady foundation, taking with them the lives of two thousand of its inhabitants. Was the disaster a fatal coincidence, or was it a retribution for all sins committed there. For hundreds of years, people have been convinced last one. In the years following the disaster, the infamous formerly once one of the largest European cities in New Sveta, Port Royal continued to sink under water, and now turned out to be hidden under the twelve-meter stratum of ocean water. Sunken the city has become an incredibly popular place for archaeological research, because even today they find it almost perfectly surviving artifacts, for excavation you will need to buy used excavator.

2. Yonaguni Pyramids, Japan

Until now, experts are still arguing over whether Yonaguni monument near the coast of Japan by man or is a natural phenomenon. Although there is evidence in support for the latest theory, but still looking at the stone terraces the triangular shape that make up the pyramid, it is very difficult to believe. The pyramid rises 76 meters above the seabed and, like a magnet, attracts scuba divers from all over Sveta. If the pyramids were indeed created by human hands, then as experts believe, this probably happened in times the last ice age – about 10 thousand years before our era.

3. Dwarka, Cambodian Gulf, India

The ancient city of God Krishna was once considered a mere myth, however, the ruins discovered in 2000 breathed life into this old Indian tradition. Legend has it that Krishna owned a magnificent a city where there were 70 thousand palaces of gold, silver and other precious metals. The city flourished, however, after the death of Krishna The dwark allegedly drowned in the sea. Ruins are located at a depth of 40 meters. under water in the bay of the modern city of Dvarka, one of seven oldest in India. Acoustic studies, the results of which struck experts, showed that the ruins possess surprisingly clear geometric shapes.

Many artifacts were found at this location, but perhaps the most important find was one of them, attributed to the year 7500 AD, which confirms the theory that the ruins are quite may be an ancient part of the Dwark.

4. The Lion City under Qiandaohu Lake, China Photos from open sources

Named the most impressive underwater city in the world, Lion a city in China is truly a miracle. It was built in the era Eastern Han Dynasty around the year 25-200 AD area was equal to about 62 football fields. City today located at a depth of 25 – 40 meters below the surface of Lake Thousands Islands, an artificial reservoir created in 1950 for the construction of dams. The sculptures that adorn the city compete in beauty even with Alexandria, therefore it is not surprising that the Lion City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China.

5. Cleopatra’s Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

Along the coast of Alexandria is the alleged palace Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt. It is believed that the ruins turned out to be under water as a result of an earthquake more than one and a half thousand years ago and were hidden from view until recently. Archaeologists also claim that near the royal palace they found the temple of Isis. To date, more than 140 have been discovered at the site of the ruins. artifacts, and experts believe they were able to identify the location of the tomb of Cleopatra and the ancient museum in ruins. It is hoped that the ruins will be open to divers and tourists. in the coming years, which will allow us all to take a closer look the magic that Cleopatra’s palace represents.

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