Florida on the verge of serious disaster?

In Florida, the United States today is very restless. For example, on this
Peninsula, as if on purpose, in recent times the most
powerful hurricanes of the Atlantic. Suffice it to recall the effects of the cyclone.
�”Irma”, which in September last year dealt such a blow to the state,
that President Trump had to declare Florida a natural

In addition, the last few years, the inhabitants of this peninsula
pestered with huge tiger pythons, the invasion of which from local
cypress and mangrove swamps are becoming more and more
massive and dangerous.

And here’s a new misfortune: since March of this year, the press has flashed
reports of frequent ground dips in Florida. Employees
The United States Geological Survey immediately tied it up with a network
Karst caves, which allegedly abound under the peninsula. But
is it? After all, before anything like this was not observed, where
all of a sudden, the caves undertook and why did they just today begin to “pop up”
at the seams?

And because the locals relate to such explanations rather
skeptical. In connection with the frequent failures of the soil, conspiracy therapists
suddenly remembered an interview with famous director Jordan Vot-Roberts
(Jordan Vogt-Roberts), which he gave in 2016, just before
finishing work on his Kong: Skull Island remake.

The main disaster for Florida – ahead

Explaining to reporters why he moved King Kong from
desert island (classic version) in the dungeons of America,
where he crawls out with other monsters, Jordan
told that all this is not fiction, but a reality that soon
manifest itself. As a descendant of Indian tribe shamans
Kalusahatchi, Jordan knows from his great-grandfather that today’s
Florida is the land of the Great Taboo on which it once lived
ancestors. Taboo is the roof of the underworld where great people live
monsters that will soon burst out.

To the objection of journalists that this is nothing more than a legend and that
there are many similar myths among other nations as well, Jordan advised
im visit florida national park and look at the sacred
Kalusahatchi stones, which are still preserved, and on which
depicts strange bipedal reptiles. There are also on the walls
caves Everglades National Park.

Journalists, of course, made sure of this (see picture
below, made from a stone by Kalusahatchi by one of the journalists) and not
only. It turned out that the National Park generally enjoys unkind
fame, because people are constantly disappearing here. Moreover,
it is in it that mystical creatures are often encountered.
chupacabra, bigfoot and so on.

Of course, many suspected Jordan Vot-Roberts of advertising
trick since talking about Florida underground monsters in front
exit Kong: Skull Island in terms of the marketing move was
very profitable, and therefore explainable.

However, a remake of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, as they say, is in the past, but
because of the underground monsters could be forgotten. But at the end of April
suddenly there is a video from Kelly Rippin, who shot obscure
Karst dips in one of the Florida lakes. And so disturbing
information about the failures are in the state almost commonplace. BUT
there are still huge snakes in the swamps of Florida, like
anticipating that the land of the Great Taboo was seriously shaken, and

Did the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts not joke and nothing
came up with the purpose of advertising, but just like a descendant of shamans
Indian tribe Kalusahatchi, warned residents of Florida
about the real danger that is coming on them? ..

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