Folk omens determining the weather in November

Autumn signs of all three months – September, October, November – teach children to observe changes in nature, to see the relationship between animal behavior and natural phenomena. Knowledge of November signs helps to avoid helplessness in front of the winter cold, to prepare for the cold season.

Signs of November about the weather

Even the summaries of modern meteorological centers for the coming season are drawn up taking into account the popular signs of November about the weather. It’s common knowledge that autumn is a mirror image of spring. By November, you can judge what April will be like.

Signs of November about the weather

Popular signs about the weather in November help determine not only what tomorrow will be like, but also understand whether a bountiful harvest is expected next year. People watched the state of the sky, the luminaries, the humidity of the air, the strength and direction of the wind, how the snow falls and falls in the last month of autumn. So, signs appeared:

  • Snow that has fallen on dry land will melt quickly in November.
  • There is a lot of snow in November from the first days of the month – early spring, fruitful summer.
  • Cold November is a fierce winter.
  • Cloudless sky – to a cold snap.
  • Sunny cloudless weather during the last month of autumn – a hungry year is coming.

Signs of November by plants

In addition to natural phenomena, an excellent ‘predictor’ is plants that ‘behave’ differently in November, telling observant people what winter will be like and how soon it will come:

  • Winter comes only after all the leaves fall on the cherry. Until then, winter can be avoided.
  • There are cones on the conifers (although in small quantities) – a warm winter is expected.
  • As long as there are needles on the larch, no snow is expected. Even if a snowball falls, it will melt quickly.
  • If there are leaves on the trees on November 14, the coming year will be a bad harvest, because winter with severe frosts and blizzards is expected, and the summer will be sultry.
  • Lots of acorns and rowan berries – severe winter conditions expected.

There are many popular signs of November about the upcoming winter weather, which appeared as a result of the contemplation of falling leaves. It turned out that the upcoming weather conditions directly depend on how the leaves fall on the trees:

  • The yellowed leaves are slowly falling – frosts are not coming soon.
  • If crumbling foliage falls inside out – there will be a warm winter and a fruitful year, it spreads ‘glossy’ upwards – winter cold is inevitable.
  • If the leaves fall more actively from the tops of the trees, a cold winter is expected, they fly around chaotically – for a gentle winter.
  • If in November the trees did not have time to shed their foliage, the winter will be long.

Signs of November by plants

Signs about the weather in November by animals

People have long noticed that animals are perfectly aware of the approaching weather changes. As a result of observations of livestock, animals and insects, folk signs appeared for November about changing weather conditions:

  • Poultry or a crow covers its head with a wing – to the cold.
  • The rooster crows in the evening – warm weather will change to cold.
  • The ducks stayed for the winter in local water bodies – by the warm winter.
  • The presence of mosquitoes on the street or indoors – severe frosts and snow drifts in winter are not expected.
  • Cats cover their muzzles with their paws – the cold is approaching.
  • Poultry sits on the ground – towards dry weather.
  • Poultry does not sit on the ground – strong winds and rains are expected.
  • Frequent appearance of hares near human habitation – a cold snap is approaching.

Wild birds give no less tips in autumn:

  • The crows are excitedly circling with a cry – tomorrow it will snow.
  • The croaking of crows towards the south heralds warming.
  • Tit squeaks in the morning – to frost.
  • The titmouse rushes about, bites the bark of trees – bad weather is approaching.
  • In November, the tits flew up to the house, sat on the window – winter would come soon.
  • There are a lot of tits near a person’s dwelling – big cold weather is coming.
  • Migratory birds fly high – to the abundance of snow, low flight – scant snowfall.

Signs about the weather in November

The daily calendar will take November

The last 30 days of autumn are so rich in omens that predictions about the coming winter can be found every day. Moreover, the weather of each specific day of November is analyzed, and appropriate conclusions are drawn about the upcoming winter, spring, summer, and harvest.

Signs about the weather for all days of November in sequence

  1. Cold and snowy – by late cold spring. A thaw predicts a warm spring. The roads are muddy, damp, slushy – real winter will come in 4 weeks.
  2. If you start to ferment cabbage that day, it will be tasty and well preserved. In the morning there is abundant frost on forest trees – there will be poor yields.
  3. The snow fell on the ground and did not melt – snowdrops will appear in early spring. Snow fell on frozen ground – high yield of grain crops next year.
  4. The transitional moment from autumn to winter. Clearly – a cold snap is expected. Bad weather, rain – soon frosts. Fog – it will still be warm. To marry on this day is fortunate.
  5. Grains of snow or hail on November 5 – means that on November 22, winter will appear in full force. Inflated snow – to a good harvest of grain crops.
  6. The splinter tells the weather. It crackles – to frost, does not light up for a long time – it will be warm.
  7. Morning fog – warming expected. Wind – the weather will not change for the next two days. At sunset, the sun is colored gold and bronze – portends bad weather. Snow on this day predicts late spring.
  8. There is snow – it will be snowy on Easter too. Sunny and warm breeze – for a mild winter without evil frosts.
  9. Heavy frost heralds an impending thaw.
  10. The strongly receding frost echo is already close. Frost at night – there will be no snow during the day. Sunny weather – for a warm winter.
  11. Superstition – on this day you need to treat the shepherds in gratitude for the safe livestock of sheep.
  12. If winter birds such as titmice, goldfinches, bullfinches arrive, winter will come early.
  13. November 13 – the day of Nicodemus and Spiridon. During sunset, the clouds move from the north side – towards windy weather.
  14. Snowy – strong floods are expected in spring. Cold on Kuzma-Demyan promises warmth on Mikhail (November 21).
  15. The weather on this day is broadcasting about what the first half of winter will be like: low fog – the first winter month will be soft, foggy sky in the evening – to windy weather.
  16. Important signs for the harvest. Cold – a lack of food for the rest of the fall. Lack of snow – poor harvest of grain crops. Snow fell on the frosty bare ground – to a good harvest of bread, covered the damp soil – cereals will grow poorly.
  17. Superstition – on this day it is not recommended to leave the house, so as not to meet with evil spirits. The sky at sunset is green – clear weather is expected.
  18. Superstition – on this day the girl should pray for the groom. Snowfall is a good sign for a winter crop, and the whole winter will be with snow. Low position of clouds – the weather will deteriorate.
  19. Snowy – there will be snow throughout the winter season. Few stars in the sky – cold weather is expected, very few stars – a blizzard and bad weather are coming. Small stars – snow will fall.
  20. Distant objects seem large – sunny weather is not coming soon. Snow fell – to a slight warming. Clouds in the north – there is no need to wait for a thaw.
  21. Frost or snow on windows indicates upcoming heavy snowfalls over the next week. Morning fog leads to warming. Clearly – to the cold winter. Frozen puddles and shallow bodies of water portend a cold December. Very wet snow – heavy rains in spring.
  22. Frost on trees – to frost. Cloudy, snowy – rainy May expected. Good weather on this day promises an extension of the heat for another three weeks. Fog – a thaw is coming.
  23. Trees in hoarfrost – to frost. Fog – it will be warm. Slush, bad weather – severe winter is expected. Abundant snow and sunny – for a warm winter. Children born on this day in sunny weather will have a happy life full of strength and good luck.
  24. The forecast for the whole winter depends on the weather on this day: Thaw is a warm winter. Cold – fierce winter. Slush, snow – thaws will be until December 4. Numerous stars in the sky broadcast that mushrooms and berries will be in abundance next summer.
  25. Most often it is snowy on this day, but the rime is broadcasting about the approach of frost. Signs about the position of the clouds on this day: the clouds float towards the wind – towards the snow, move low – a cold is approaching, Before sunrise, the clouds are black like clouds – the weather will deteriorate.
  26. Snowstorm in the daytime – frost at night. Unusually bright starry twinkling – snow is expected, accompanied by strong winds. Small snow – predicts a severe cold snap. Large snow flakes – to moderate frosts.
  27. Crowing crows – for a thaw. If there is no frost, the yield will be poor. Clouds or snow – rainy May expected. Trees in hoarfrost – oats will be ugly. Rain – to a rich wheat harvest.
  28. On Guryev day, there is usually slush and snow. If the snow is covered with a carpet, it will lie until the flood. Cloudy and snowy – a lot of precipitation will fall in May.
  29. Luscious winds predict blizzard weather until December 19. Low clouds – cold weather is expected. The warmer this day, the more severe the frosts will be.
  30. Weather signs on this day – weather report for the entire winter season. A dark shade of ice on rivers – portends a good harvest.

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