Footprints of the gods

Traces of the godsPhotos from open Sources Our planet does not just rotate around itself and the Sun, her movements are more complicated. Earth axis describes a cone and it biases astronomical coordinate system. Thanks to this movement, each the spring vernal equinox comes a little earlier. This process very slow. The full cycle takes 25.920 years. Point to which watching the sphinx moves along the horizon on a map of the starry sky exactly the twelve constellations of the zodiac reversed. Now the planet left the era of fish and entered the era of Aquarius. If assumes that Egyptian sphinx, that is, a lion embodies the zodiac figure on horizon, it remains to calculate when on Earth exactly in the east there was a constellation of a lion. And that was 12.500 years ago … District on North America between the cities of Anchorage, Barrow and Juneau (Alaska) is called the Canadian Bermuda Triangle. Exactly people annually disappear here. Most of them cannot be found. never. In this triangle, as well as in the anomalous zone in Bermuda – observed mysterious luminous objects flying in the sky, radio interference may occur, and the engine may suddenly stall. A discovery has recently been made that will possibly give the key to reconnoitering the secrets of this anomalous zone. In 2012 in Canada the data of secret studies conducted back in 1992 year. The military watched the seismic wave, which formed after the test of the Chinese atomic bomb. Thanks this wave instruments fixed a strange pyramidal object, which is located approximately in the center of Canadian Bermuda the triangle. This underground structure surpasses the pyramids of Cheops and according to some sources, the age of this mysterious building is hundreds thousand years. But who and why built this giant pyramid? Sphinx and the pyramid on the Giza plateau is most likely erected at the same time. The lion statue with a human head is carved directly from the rock and is it is one, and the sandstone from the trench around the sphinx went to the construction of the temple near the pyramids. It turns out the sphinx can for sure tell us the date of construction of the entire complex. Sphinx looks to the sky strictly east. The sun rises right in the east on a spring day equinox. Thus, the figure of the sphinx, as it were, follows this point in the sky. She is constantly shifting relative to the stars, because what is connected with her phenomenon, which is called – the precession of the earth axis.

Pyramids of the Sun

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