Forbidden archeology contradicting generally accepted theory of the origin of mankind

Forbidden archeology, contrary to the generally accepted theory of the origin of mankindA photo from open sources

Amazing finds contradicting generally accepted theory the emergence of humanity, so many that it would seem academic science it’s time to tackle the established dogmas imposed in due time by Darwinists. But no, nothing does not want to change, because it’s easier and someone, of course, more profitable. It’s not difficult for anyone to guess.

For example, we can mention that in the forties the century before last in Denmark and France inside volcanic rocks, whose age was determined to be at least 2 million years old, bones of skeletons of Homo sapiens were found. To the surprise of scientists, they turned out to be identical to the skeleton of a modern person. How to understand this, no one knew then or now.

A photo from open sources

Move on. Archaeologist Fili in 1979 in a similar volcanic lava (this was in Tanzania, and the age of lava was calculated in this case of 4 million years) found many footprints human, and they were indistinguishable from similar footprints modern man (this is proved using photogrammetric methods).

Most recently, archaeologists found a footprint on the island of Crete nearly 6 million years old. If at the same time remember that geologist John Reid in 1922 in Nevada found an imprint quite modern sandals that are 200 million years old then worth to think, but has not man always lived on Earth? Or at least least, its history is not calculated in some miserable millennia, and possibly billions of years.

Artifacts that contradict the generally accepted theory of occurrence of humanity

This is confirmed by numerous artifacts identified by orthodox science as uncomfortable. It’s clear why: they again contradict the “invented history” of origin and development of humanity.

Among such uncomfortable artifacts, for example, a stone stands out Lanzhou or Lanzhou stone discovered by a Chinese archaeologist Zhilin Wang in the late nineties of the last century. it a surprisingly solid mineral of black color, which in itself is a riddle for scientists. But the pebble was not easy, it was preserved threaded metal rod – an artifact, it is not clear how caught in this breed, whose age is defined in 300 million years (this has been confirmed by numerous studies geologists, physicists and other specialists of various scientific institutions of the Academy of Sciences of China).

And then … nothing. Where is the Lanzhou stone today, is unknown. Why are the further results of his study nowhere made public, also incomprehensible. But this is only from the point of view of sound sense, and so … everyone understands everything, and the fate of such artifacts always the same: they disappear without a trace either in the vaults museums, whether in private collections of the rich and omnipotent people of our the planet.

A photo from open sources

In this regard, it suffices to recall that in the United States in the 19th century, California Gold Rush time was rummaged through tunnels many mountains and rocks, resulting in skeletons accidentally discovered people who are between 10 and 60 million years old. The main thing described it archaeologist under the then government of the united states doctor Whitney, his posts in 1880 are compiled into the book Sierra Geology Nevada, “which was published by Harvard University. However, in no museum in the United States you will not find those ancient remains of people moreover, they are not even mentioned in any modern textbook.

In 1996, the largest television company of the United States NBC held a show based on the book Hidden by Richard Thompson and Michael Cremo history of the human race, ”thanks to which they managed to reach traces of those unique finds described by Whitney, which, as turned out to be stored in the vaults of the California museum University. However, the museum’s management denied reporters providing these exhibits for showing on television. More In addition, scientists from the US Academy of Sciences immediately turned to the government countries requiring the prohibition of such a television show. AND although the program still took place, even with a replay, and had huge success with the audience, the NBC channel was never physical evidence is provided that a person existed 60 million years ago, if not significantly earlier …

Do the rest of the conclusions yourself …

By the way, the tireless researcher of the “forbidden history” Ural Valentin Degterev found the other day in the Fir Mountains near the Lower Tagina stone with a clear imprint of the human leg (see video below). And although the foot in this case is small, most likely children’s, most importantly, decent stone age – at least 100 million years (according to Degterev). Valentine himself suggests that such a small trace in due time could be left by a representative of the mythical Chud, which, according to legend, once lived in these parts, and those people had small stature …

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