Forbidden archeology: the most interesting artifacts

Forbidden Archeology: The Most Interesting ArtifactsA photo from open sources

Archaeologists constantly find what does not fit into our the idea of ​​how ancient people were inferior to us in their technical development. Moreover, archaeological finds in doubt the fact that a reasonable man appeared on earth only a few millennia ago.

For example, many artifacts show very different dates, and such finds are constantly multiplying. For example, more recently archaeologists from St. Petersburg found a complex mechanism (its fossils), which can only be created in the highly developed society. And this find is at least four hundred million years old.

Another sensation: a unique find – lead book (assembled from lead plates). Scientists they say that after deciphering it, perhaps biblical the idea of ​​our world will be turned upside down.

About this and much more, watch the Forbidden video archeology. “Scientists make the assumption: where did all these finds come from? did civilization exist on our blue planet half a billion years ago or all these “strange” artifacts can attributed to an alien origin?

Ancient artifacts

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