Forbidden Archeology

In his books, anthropologist and historian Michael Cremo and mathematician Richard Thompson provides astounding evidence that scientific the public was aware, but for a long time this information was out of sight of scientists thanks to the so-called “filtering knowledge. “The bottom line is that modern man existed on Earth for many millions of years.

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To extract this data into the light of day, the authors had to perform a tremendous amount of research and analytical the work, the results of which are so impressive, are laid out so in detail, which is why they are worthy of the closest attention.

Here are some of the reviews that characterize the reaction of the scientific world. to the work of Cremo and Thompson. It’s about the Unknown Story book of humanity “:

“Convincing in its visibility exposure of attempts concealment of scientific facts … based on documentary evidence of the true origin of mankind. Joining forces Researcher and scientist brilliantly showed how firmly rooted prejudices affected the cognitive process in relation to human evolution. The richest collection of arguments and facts, presented by the authors, leads the reader to rethink origin and the whole history of mankind. The book contains analysis major archaeological discoveries and their future fate. Picking in self research results lasting more than eight years, this impressive, truly scientific work challenges routine thinking. ”

Diana Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“This book opened my eyes! I had no idea how much discoveries, how much reliable information directly contradicts modern views on human evolution … I foresee that this labor will become truly classic, albeit outside the official science”.

Dr. Virginia Steen-MacIntyre, Geologist

“This new book is a ray of light in the dark realm of modern scientific establishment that does not stop at nothing in attempts to maintain the current state of affairs. The authors expose the outrageous actions of the academic elite, its frenzied attempts to bury (both figuratively and literally) evidence compromising status quo … The story of the arbitrariness of bureaucrats from science is impressive and at the same time makes a depressing impression. ”

Colonel U.R. Anderson, president of the Leif Society Erickson

“If the history of mankind is presented in the form of a giant a museum containing all the knowledge in this area is then discovered that several halls of this museum were locked. By will scientists are locked with facts that contradict generally accepted historical concepts. Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson managed to get the keys to many locked doors, letting in secret rooms of both ordinary visitors and scientists themselves. The latter were shocked no less than the former, which is understandable. After all, the “Unknown History of Mankind” significantly expands the boundaries of the realm of science, while casting doubt on the multitude seemingly unshakable views on man and his history. ”

Walter Langbein, PARA Magazine, Austria

“Having read your book recently, I want to congratulate and thank its authors … In particular, I thank you for exposing the misinformation that is spreading bureaucratic scientific elite. ”

Thomas Dorman, MD, Member of the Royal College Doctors (UK)

“Michael Cremo, Specialist in History and Philosophy science and mathematician Richard Thompson challenged the mainstream point of view on the origin and ancient history of mankind. The authors of a book containing a tremendous amount of universally recognized and controversial archaeological evidence, criticize the existing scientific methodology with sociological, philosophical and historical positions, cast dominant views in doubt, denounce attempts to conceal information about origin and history person. ”

“Bulletin of archaeological research”

Michael Cremo: “… I do not support the theory of evolution. Not I support not only because of the existence of contradicting this theory of scientific facts, but due to the fact that this theory also leads to disastrous social consequences. We are told that people are just mechanisms created from matter. If we believe this, then we will pursue very materialistic goals – we will consider what to produce and consume is the main goal of human of life. Excessive production, excessive consumption products of matter is one of the main causes of environmental crisis of our planet. We poison the air, poison the earth poison water. According to evolutionists, we are not just material mechanisms, but mechanisms struggling with each other for survival. And, as I understand it, this is one of the reasons the aggravating conflict that we are seeing these days – conflict between individuals, conflict between nations, and even conflict between religions. How to change all this? I believe us need new answers to the questions “who are we?” and “where are we from have come “? ..

Over the past 150 years, archaeologists have found many evidence that homo Sapiens existed from the very beginning of life on the ground. I wrote about these findings in my book. “The unknown history of mankind.” Testimonies about which I I say in my book little known to a wide audience due to such a phenomenon in the scientific world as an information filter … This smart filter easily skips evidence supporting established views. This means that about textbooks will tell these testimonies. Scientists will talk about them in popular TV shows, and if people go to museum, they will see exactly these finds there. However, the evidence which radically contradict these entrenched notions will go through this filter, and therefore, we will not hear about these finds. I will give some examples. For example, American geologist Virginia Steen Mackentair. She was dating the place excavations in Eatlanaco … Archaeologists have found many human artifacts, and, of course, they wanted to know their age. Therefore, to date the place, they called a team of geologists. Virginia Macentyre and colleagues used four dating methods and concluded that fossil sites are at least 250 thousand years. However, archaeologists said this was not possible. Capable people to make such tools could not exist at that time. therefore archaeologists refused to publish the age of the place, established by them team of geologists. Why? Because age was contrary to theory human evolution.

Virginia Macentyre proposed recalling initial results, but she refused. After that, she began to have difficulties with the publication of scientific papers and she lost her teacher’s place in American University of Science …

California discovered deposits in the 19th century gold … To mine gold, miners pierced mines in the slopes the mountains. It’s about Table Mountain in California. At great depths miners discovered human bones and tools, age which is determined 50 million years. About these findings to the public said Dr. D. Whitney – chief government geologist California His report was published by Harvard University, but we hear almost nothing about these finds today – by virtue of the same information filtration process. Anthropologist Williams Holmes said:

“If Dr. Whitney understood the theory of human evolution, he I would not publish this countdown “…

A couple of years ago I was a television consultant “The mysterious origin of man.” The broadcast was broadcast on NBC – the largest television company in America. The program included many facts from my book are presented, including finds in gold mines in California. During the filming, I advised producer visit Museum of Anthropology at University of California Berkeley as I knew some of the artifacts found in gold mines were still in the collection of this museum. When he arrived there, the museum staff refused to show finds under various pretexts. They spoke:

“You’re shooting a TV show, you probably have very narrow time frames, so our staff will not have time to find for you these finds are in our collection. ”

The producer said:

“I have 6 months for this TV show. Please be kind – find them. ”

Museum staff said:

“We have another problem. We will have to pay additionally to our staff, as the search work is not included you are their established duties, but we don’t have any extra money. ”

The producer said:

“I will pay the employees for extra work.”

In the end, museum officials said:

“No, leave. You will not see these objects.”

So we found some pictures taken by the doctor Whitney back in the 19th century, and we used them in a television show. When US Darwinists Find Out That NBC Is Going broadcast this broadcast to the American population they tried to stop NBC, but they failed. Broadcast enjoyed great popularity and NBC decided to repeat it. Scientists again tried to prevent NBC from releasing this broadcast, but NBC did the next broadcast advertising:

“Watch our program. Scientists launched a campaign, designed to prevent you from seeing her. ”

This angered the adherents of the theory of evolution, and they contacted the american government through the federal Office Communications. They tried through the government to force NBC to pay a fine of millions of dollars to henceforth NBC did nothing else like that. But, fortunately, the government on it didn’t go … “[Michael Cremo d / f” The Devolution of Humanity “]

Only some of the silenced data.

Here are just some archeology data that some scientists stupidly, others – on the “recommendation from above” do not want to discuss. I emphasize again – only a few:

1. The imprint of the footprint of a shod leg in clay slate.

Trace imprint found in shale clay bedding shod legs reported in 1968 by William Meister, collector trilobite. An imprint resembling a footprint of a shoe he found nearby from Antelope Spring, Utah. Inside a piece of shale, in where the fingerprint was found, there were also fossilized remains trilobites – organisms that existed according to official representations in the Cambrian period, i.e. approximately 500-600 million years ago.

In a note published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly, “Meister describes the found fingerprint as follows:” Where there must be a heel, there is a recess, the depth of which exceeds the rest of the track an eighth of an inch (3mm). Definitely it trace of the right leg, since the shoe (or sandal) is very characteristic worn right “…

The reaction of official science is silence. Or so characteristic of her “this cannot be.”

2. Precambrian metal vase from Dorchester, Massachusetts

“A few days ago in a hilly area that several tens of meters south of Reverend Mr. Hall’s guesthouse, Dorchester resident, blasting was carried out. Powerful explosion led to the release of a huge amount of rock. Lumps of stone – some of them weighed several tons – scattered in different side. Among the fragments was discovered a metal vessel, torn apart in half. Halved together 4.5-inch bell-shaped vessel (11.3 cm – M.ZH hereinafter) 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) tall and 2.5 inches high (6, 3 cm) at the throat, with walls about a eighth thick inches (0.3 cm). The vessel was made of metal, in color resembling zinc or some alloy with a significant proportion of silver. The walls of the vessel were decorated with six images of flowers in the form of a bouquet, wonderfully inlaid with pure silver and its lower part belted, also inlaid with silver, vine or wreath. Carving and inlay are so masterfully executed that the subject this can be attributed to the finest works of art. A mysterious and extremely interesting vessel thrown out by an explosion embedded in the rock, was at a depth of fifteen ft (4.5 m). Dr. J. Smith sketched a jar and made accurate measurements of its dimensions to provide them to scientists for research. “[Scientific American, June 5 1852, article “Relic of bygone times”].

That the rock in which this vessel was walled (so called the Roxbury breed), refers to the Precambrian era, science is not particularly advertised.

3. Gold thread embedded in a block of coal period.

“Workers hired to mine stone near Tweed (England – M.Zh.), discovered a few days ago a gold thread embedded into a block of stone that lies eight feet deep (2.4 meter) “. [note in the London Times of June 22, 1844]. Dr. A. Medd, British Exploration Officer management, in a letter to Richard Thompson from 1985 dated the specified rock by the Lower Carboniferous period (320-360 million years).

4. Gold chain in a block of coal from Morrisonville, Illinois.

On June 14, 1891, the Morrisonville Times published the following note: “Ms informed us of a curious find in the morning Culp. Breaking a block of coal to put the pieces in a box, she noticed a circular indentation with a small gold inside fine antique chain, about ten inches (25.4 cm) in length. At first, Ms. Culp thought that someone’s chain accidentally dropped into coal, however, bending over her, she immediately realized your mistake. The fact is that the coal block almost crashed in half, and the ends of the chain rolled up in a circle were located near each other, and when the lump split, it turned out to be only the middle part of the chain, while both ends remained embedded in coal. Coal block, inside which was chain was mined in the mines of Taylorville or Pana (South Illinois). “After Ms. Culp’s death, the chain went to one of of her relatives, however, the further fate of the find is unknown. By Illinois Exploration Authority, Age the coal seam in which the chain was found is estimated at 320-260 million years.

5. Stone carving from Lehai coal mine near Webster, Iowa.

“One of the coal miners at a depth of 130 feet (39.5 m), stumbled today on an amazing piece of stone, it is not known how it ended up at the bottom of a coal mine. It was dark gray stone block about two feet long (61 cm), one foot wide (30 cm) and four feet thick inches (10 cm). The surface of the stone – by the way, is very hard – covered the lines that formed the polygons, extremely resembling perfect cut diamonds. In the center of each such a “diamond” was clearly depicted the face of an elderly man with engraved on the forehead with peculiar gyrus or wrinkles, moreover, all images were very similar to each other. All faces except two, “looked” to the right. The miners were not even able to suggest how this stone could have appeared in the underground bowels of 130 feet deep under several sandstone beds. ” [Daily News newspaper, Omaha, Nebraska, 04/02/1897] Layers of the Lehai mine were supposedly formed in Carboniferous period.

6. Concrete wall from a mine in Oklahoma.

The book by Brad Steiger is reproduced from the words of W. McCormick from Abilena, Texas, his grandfather’s story about a concrete wall, discovered at great depths in a coal mine: “In 1928, I, Atlas Elmon Matis, worked at No. 5 Coal Mine, located two miles north of Hivener, Oklahoma. The shaft was located vertically and, as we were told, left to a depth of two miles. In fact, the mine was so deep that we had to go down with the help of a lift … Air was supplied there by a special pump. ”

One evening, Matis laid down explosive charges in Hall 24.

“The next morning,” he recalls, “in the hall found several concrete blocks of cubic shape with a side 12 inches, so smooth, literally polished, that the surface of any of the six faces of each such block could use like a mirror. With a pickaxe I broke a piece from one of them – it was real concrete. And when I began to install in the fixture, – continues Matis, – the breed suddenly collapsed, and I barely escaped. Having returned there after shedding the rock, I discovered a whole wall of exactly the same polished blocks. One more a miner who worked 100-150 yards (90-137 m) below, came across the exact same wall … ”

According to Matis, the management of the mining company ordered everyone to be evacuated immediately from the mine and forbade inform someone about what they’ve seen.

7. The human skeleton.

“Recently found in Makoupin County, Illinois human bones resting at a depth of ninety feet in a coal seam under a two-foot-thick layer of shale rock. Detected bones covered with a crust or layering of hard a brilliant substance, the color of which differed little from coal, however, when the substance was scraped off, the bones turned out to be natural white. “[” The Geologist “, 1862] The age of coal is, according to researchers, at least 286 million. years.

8. Traces of man.

Professor W. Barrows, Dean of the College of Geology the city of Berrea. Kentucky, 1938: “At the beginning of the upper Carboniferous creatures moving on their hind legs or feet, whose feet were like human, left footprints on a sandy beach in Rockcastle County, Kentucky … Each track had five fingers and a clearly distinguishable characteristic deflection. The fingers were wide apart, which is characteristic of man, never not wearing shoes … Like a human foot, the foot of a being, leaving traces, bent back to the heel, which also It looked completely like a person. Grains of sand inside the tracks located closer to each other than outside of them, due to leg pressure unknown creatures on the ground. Furrows are visible along the perimeter of the tracks. sandstone formed as a result of sand extrusion feet. “For three hundred million years this sand on which there were traces, turned into stone – as Barrows and the row believed other colleagues.

9. Traces of prehistoric nuclear war?

In ancient times, a number of civilizations were literally wiped off the face of the earth cataclysms that do not find in official science any lighting. Facts, only facts:

Photos from open sources

Photos from open sources

Photos from open sources

The molten remains of the breed and human utensils found then here and there, on the ancient streets of Mohenjo-Daro. A similar fusion could arise only from exposure to extremely high temperatures on the entire area of ​​the city at the same time. By the way, similar and today can be observed at the nuclear test sites.

Sumer. Archaeologists U.F. Albright and P. Garland found that a number of ancient Mesopotamian settlements were abandoned residents for no apparent reason, presumably several millennia BC e., and after that people settled here only a few centuries later. To this day, the level of radiation in sources near the Dead Sea (the sea itself is named very eloquently) high enough to cause infertility and other diseases in animals and people drinking this water on for several years.

Some Mesopotamian legends describe events that are very resembling modern military operations, during which “scary guns” were used. When, for example, these “scary guns “were dropped to the ground, followed by a blinding flash: “They spilled bright rays on all four sides of the earth, burning everything, like a flame. ”The Nippur Cry speaks of“ a hurricane, a flash of lightning born. “Then a cloud appeared in the sky thick, that enveloped the whole sky with darkness, “and” the wind rose – a storm violently tearing the sky. “Then the winds blowing in the east direction, began to blow the cloud to Mesopotamia: “Darkness is coming from cities in the city, thick clouds carries that shrouded in darkness the whole sky. “” In the day when the heavens trembled and the earth shook on the earth the whirlwind flashed as the sky darkened like a shadow covered. ”

“Crazy whirlwind, a mighty hurricane rose, so that everything around destroy, Sumerian laws exterminate. In order to destroy the old days order, expel a good lord from the land, turn into ruins houses and cities. The cows and corrals became empty; cows are no longer in cowsheds. it can be seen, and the sheep are transferred to the pens, only bitter water flows into canals, in good fields only grass grows, and the steppe gives birth only “tears of grass.” ”

“On Earth (meaning Schumer – M.Zh.) a disaster that people did not know, people had not seen before, from no one will be saved. “People were dying from unknown weapons, which, like death, “walks the streets, roams the roads; will be with someone nearby and not visible to her; will enter the house and no one will know. “And no one was saved from this” evil that the earth pounced, a ghost as if. Through the very walls are high through the thickest walls it oozes like water; no door to him will not hold, and constipation will not stop her; through the door like a snake it creeps through the cracks, like the wind, inside it flies. “Who hiding behind the doors – dying, who escaped on the roof – dying on the roof, who ran along the street – fell dead. “Sputum and cough chest weakened, mouth filled with saliva and foam, drowsiness and dumbness attacked them, strange numbness, terrible torment, headache pain, spirit left the body. “” People scared, could barely breathe. The evil Wind held them in a vice. Mouths were moistened with blood, heads oozing blood. From the evil Wind the face turns pale … ”

“People, like shards, lay in the streets; high gates, through which they were going to drive, dead bodies cluttered; on the in squares where people converged on a holiday, lifeless bodies lay in a mess; all the streets on which they were going to drive, cluttered dead bodies; and where people feasted before, in piles lay people. ”

“On the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, only stunted plants grew. marshes sluggishly reeds rose, rotten on the vine. In gardens and cities everything is dead, nothing sprouts. No one sows arable land and grain they don’t throw them into the ground, and no songs are heard in the fields. In the steppe of animals almost invisible, all living creatures are exhausted. The hurricane swept through, dared everything from the face of the earth. He roared like a whirlwind of storm above the earth, and no one there is no salvation; all empty cities, empty houses. Nobody by the streets do not walk, no one wanders through the cities … ”

The people who wrote these Mesopotamian legends were probably eyewitnesses of the terrible war during which weapons were used, from pathogenic effects of which nature in places like let’s say the deserts of Mesopotamia, Africa or Central Asia, have not departed so far. What allows me to draw such “unscientific” conclusions? Probably, a more scientific lesson is to restore the appearance of the “Nebraska human “on the tooth of an ordinary pig, and then demonstrate this a completely fictional being, as one of the missing links in theory of evolution. Is it possible then to call the gentlemen of scientists really scientists, and indeed – reasonable, people?

Photos from open sources

Mohenjo daro

Harappan civilization in India. Now a lot decades of archaeologists are concerned about the mystery of the death of the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro in India. Some of them, (probably the most savvy), it is believed that these cities in due time befell the fate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That’s what they write in favor of their version: “Everything in Mohenjo-Daro suggests that disaster happened suddenly. The flood hypothesis is quite tempting since the city stood on an island in the middle of a full-flowing river. But in ruins not found traces of revelry of the water element. Moreover, there are undeniable data on massive fires. Assumption that the city the epidemic struck, also does not correspond to the discovered facts. The epidemic does not affect people walking quietly through the streets or doing business, suddenly and simultaneously. Namely such the location of the skeletons was discovered in Mohenjo-Daro. With full reason can be rejected and the version of a surprise attack conquerors: none of the discovered skeletons have traces left by knives …

Among the ruins are scattered fused pieces of clay and other minerals, which at one time quickly hardened. Sample analysis, conducted at the University of Rome and in the laboratory of the National Research Council of Italy, showed: reflow occurred at temperature of 1400 – 1500 degrees! Such a temperature in those days could be obtained in the furnace of a metallurgical workshop, but in no way not in a vast open area .. “[D. Davenport, E. Vincenti]

Allegedly, a disaster destroying the Harappan civilization with face of the earth happened at about the same time period when in As a result of an incomprehensible cataclysm, Sumer disappeared.

Photos from open sources

Schemes of the image of aircraft on ancient monuments culture, including the drawing of vimana, copied from the ancient Vedic treatise “Vimanika sastra.”

Photos from open sources Images in one of Ancient Egyptian temples of Teotihuacan. “Huge the city, destroyed by the flames of a giant fire, ceased exist somewhere at the end of the 3rd millennium BC [this is another question – MJ] The causes of this disaster are still unclear. Traces of a giant conflagration are visible in almost all buildings of the city. History has shown the rebirth of cities after any conflagration scales. So, along with the city, people who built, otherwise they would have restored it. In 1500 to AD, when the Toltecs found Teotihuacan, the city was for many centuries abandoned and destroyed. It has not yet been established what kind of civilization erected it … “[G. Kleimenov” Anunnaki – creators of life on Earth and teachers of mankind “]

Indian Vedas. In the Vedas, considered orientalists a monument of ancient religious and philosophical thought, as well as a collection of myths and legends, there are descriptions of battles with elements reminiscent, as in the case of Sumerian traditions, nuclear explosions instantly striking entire armies. Also in the Vedas we can find descriptions of some technical means, for example, in the treatise “Vimanika Shastra” describes aircraft, their drawings and characteristics are given. In other places you can discover information about land-based vehicles and also about military equipment.

10. The ancients knew how to do craniotomy?

Worldwide, with the exception of Australia, the Malay Peninsula, Japan, the territories of Siberia and some territories of Africa south of Sugars, found skulls with traces of trepanation. Only in the territory there are more than 40 of them found in modern Britain. Recently, near the grandiose temple complex of Abu Simbel (in southern Egypt) British researchers stumbled upon a burial place with three mummies, the estimated age of which is 4.5 thousand years. It turned out that large gold plates are inserted into the skulls of mummies, and this was done during the lifetime of people.

On the true purpose of both these and other trepanations, nothing not known. There are only versions and assumptions, but they made based on traditional views on history and origin person.

11. Crystal skulls.

Photos from open sources

Skull Mitchell Hedges

In April 1927, the daughter of an English archaeologist and traveler F. Alberta Mitchell-Hedges discovered beautifully polished life-size human skull made from mountain crystal glass. Its weight was 5.13 kg, width – 124 mm, length – 197 mm, height 147 mm. This skull is now called the skull. Mitchell Hedges.

Frank was exploring this unique find. Dordland. On examination, he found in the skull a system of lenses, prisms and channels creating unusual optical effects. Thanks to them for example, eye sockets lit up when Dordland turned a crystal skull facing a lit fireplace. In addition, he noticed that the bottom the jaw is set in motion by a light blow of the wind. Dordland decided to seek the advice of the famous company “Hewlett – Packard, “specialized at that time in the production of quartz generators and considered the most authoritative by examination quartz.

Photos from open sources

Boban’s skull, kept in the British Museum

A study conducted in 1964 in the laboratories of the company showed that the skull was made of rock crystal, deposits which are neither in Mexico nor in the whole Central America.

“We studied the skull along three optical axes. Analyzing intergrowths, we found that the skull was cut from one piece of crystal together with the lower jaw and consists of three to four splices. By Mohs rhinestone has a high hardness of seven (second only to topaz, corundum and diamond), and its nothing but diamond, impossible to cut. But the ancients somehow managed to process it. And not only the skull itself – they cut out the lower jaw from the same piece and hinges on which it is suspended. With such a hardness of the material this is more than mysterious, as in crystals, if they consist from more than one intergrowth, there are internal stresses. When you click on the crystal with the head of the cutter, then because of the voltage it may break into pieces. But someone made this skull from one piece during the cutting process. We also found some kind of a prism carved at the back of the skull at its base, so that any ray of light entering the eye sockets is reflected in them. Take a peek at eye sockets and you can see the whole room in them. “[L. Barre, Hewlett-Packard expert engineer].

Other experts from the same firm were less restrained in their estimates: “This damned contraption just doesn’t have to exist. Those who created it have no idea crystallography and fiber optics. They completely ignored axis of symmetry, and this thing would inevitably fall apart when primary processing. Why didn’t this happen, imagine impossible. ”

It turned out that the Mitchell Hedges skull is not the only one in its kind. Similar skulls were found in the storerooms of many museums in the world, as well as for private individuals, however, as far as I know, practically they were all made much more rude and did not have such amazing optical properties. In the British Museum, for example, is stored crystal skull found in the late 80s. XIX century in Mexico one of the soldiers of the emperor Maximilian. Crystal skull under the name “Skull of the Aztec god of the underworld and death” figures among the exhibits of the Museum of Man in Paris. Etc.

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