Forerunners of people over 13 billion years old

The first signs of life – even a very primitive one – appeared on Earth about 3.8 billion years ago. Somewhere after 700 million years after our planet itself was formed. But in the universe, life could have come into being much earlier – more than 13 billion years ago. Up to the reasonable. The Forerunners of Men Over 13 Billion YearsPhoto from open sources The idea of ​​an early inhabited Universe defends astrophysicist from Harvard Abraham Loeb (Harvard astrophysicist Abraham Loeb). In his opinion, after 15 million years after the creation of the universe as a result of the Big Bang, quite comfortable conditions were created. Space temperature was about 30 degrees Celsius, which had to the appearance of both liquid water and life on already existing rocky the planets. In other words, the so-called habitable zone, in which planets are now located that are only on a certain distance from its stars, stretched almost the whole The universe. For example, even on now covered with ice crusts satellites of the giant planets of the solar system of Saturn and Jupiter, in those distant times warm oceans could splash around. And they warmed up relic microwave radiation left after the Great the explosion. CMB distribution, which has survived to this day. But it’s not as warm from him as was 13 billion years ago Photos from open sources Total, if the age of the Universe, how determined by scientists is 13.7 billion years old then life in it can reach 13.685 billion years. For so long the years the intelligent inhabitants – our forerunners – could change somewhat time. And we, most likely, are far from the first in this world BTW Like it or not, but it turns out that living organisms appeared much before the earth. American researchers have suggested that Moore’s famous law, the effect of which is in the original – extends to transistors, actually much more universal. And it can work in other areas of science and technology. Genetics Alexei Sharov from the National Institute Aging (National Institute on Aging in Baltimore) and biologist Richard Gordon of the Marine Laboratory (Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Florida) applied Moore’s Law to biological systems. And got sensational results: life originated not on Earth, but in some place that existed before the formation of our planet. Moore’s Law in 1965, personally discovered Gordon E. Moore, who three years later became one of Intel founders. Opened based on observations, speaking with them in the journal Electronics. Where he presented his development forecast semiconductor technology and other microelectronics. Moore predicted that the number of transistors in microcircuits will double annually. As a result, processors will become cheaper, becoming at this all the more fast and miniature. 10 years later, Moore corrected himself, specifying that the doubling of transistors will be occur with an interval of two years. This revelation has received the name of Moore’s law. With Moore’s Law, it’s real predict the future by analyzing the past and present state of a certain complex and evolving system. Sharov and Gordon undertook to decide the inverse problem – they tried to depict the past. For what developed special algorithms. Before you apply your algorithms for biology, scientists tested them on a semiconductor the technique by which Moore’s law was granted the right to Existence. We calculated that the first transistor should have appear in 1960. And so it was. After successful verification Sharov and Gordon replaced transistors in their calculations with nucleotides are building blocks that have become more complex during evolution DNA and RNA molecules. And they got that life was born over 10 billion years ago. It turns out that Earth is not the cradle of the living. Because she just 4.5 billion years. Therefore, life appeared even before how our planet was formed. That is, somewhere else. On the than actually Abraham Loeb insists. Creators of earthly life according to the version of the sci-fi movie “Prometheus” Photos from open sources Calculations using Moore’s Law First of all, supporters of the so-called panspermia will be pleased hypotheses that life on Earth was brought from outer space. Can maybe in the form of bacteria, maybe in the form of DNA strands that arrived at comets or meteorites. Or along with the alien forerunners. By the way, those who believe that somewhere in the Universe will also be delighted aliens live, far ahead of us in development. Why and no, times of life more than 10 billion years. Brothers of reason who much smarter than us, could develop ways to speed moving in space. It is possible that they succeed fly even faster than light through some kind of “hole” in the fabric The universe.

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