Forest underground

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Imagine the amazement of American and Chinese scientists, when they discovered an untouched forest whose age is about 298 million years, under a coal mine near the city of Wood in China!

The forest was called Pompeii of the Permian period, since it, like the ancient Roman city, covered with volcanic ash. Thereby and preserved forest.

In it, as in Pompeii, everything froze exactly as it was before cataclysm. Scientists could easily figure out where originally every plant. This allowed them to create an image. ancient forest. The plants are preserved simply amazing: from many parts can be assembled in its entirety.

Even whole trees and other plants were found, just as in Pompeii archaeologists have found whole buildings, people, animals … Only here the forest was covered with volcanic ash much earlier.

Its total area is approximately one thousand square meters. According to scientists, a huge amount of ash covered the forest, which fell for several days.


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