Found a Neanderthal skull with a bullet injured

Once upon a time in 1922, near Broken Hill, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), a Neanderthal was found. The skull was special in for various reasons. On the left side of the skull was a small, perfect round hole. At first it was supposed to be done. spear, or other sharp object, but further investigation showed that this was not so. When the skull is affected relatively low velocity projectiles – such as arrows, or spears – they produces what are known as radial cracks. But on the skull there were no such cracks, which allowed scientists to assume that the shell flew at a much greater speed than an arrow or spear. Found Neanderthal skull with a bullet woundPhotos from open sources Photo from open sources Researcher Rene Nurbergen, who explored the secret in his wonderful book of Secrets “The Lost Races, “commented:” This feature is observed in modern victims wounded in the head with shots from a powerful gun. ” Nurbergen’s comments were more than enough for medical examiners who studied the skull in Berlin to confirm that damage to the skull of a rhodesian man cannot be caused by anything but a bullet. Compounding the mystery is the fact that The skull of an ancient bison was found in Russia on the banks of the Lena River. is he he was also shot in the head thousands of years ago. it sensational discovery came to the attention of professor Konstantin Flerov, curator of the Paleontological Museum in Moscow. Scientist I am sure that such facts indicate that travel in time are possible and they are carried out regularly. May be Now there is such a traveler among you.


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