Found a skeleton of a new species of dinosaurs

Found the skeleton of a new species of dinosaursA photo from open sources

A group of paleontologists from Japan, China and Canada made description of a new species of dinosaurs belonging to the sauropod group. This “lizard-footed dinosaur” inhabited the earth about 160 million years ago. Its length reached 15 meters, with half on the neck her. A new species of dinosaurs was named Qijianglong guokr: So, with the help of the Latin alphabet, the Chinese region of Qijiang (the province Chongqing), where the remains of an ancient animal were discovered.

For archaeologists, finding a dinosaur skeleton is a great success, because due to rotting the head of a dead animal, as a rule, separated from the neck. Qijianglong guokr kept his balance at the expense of that his neck was light (in the vertebrae there were air sinuses).

To date, dinosaurs of this species have been found only on territory of Asia. Scientists do not yet know why dinosaurs from the Mamenchisaurids family was not affected by general migration to other continents. Perhaps an obstruction in the way of animals became a reservoir.

Now that all fragments of the skeleton have been extracted from the soil, scientists continue research Qijianglong guokr in the laboratory.

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