Found a stone with a microchip age of 250 million years

A photo from open sources Russian scientists discovered a stone with a microchip of 250 million years old and are puzzled by the find. Scientists one of the institutes of the Rostov region was told about the found stone with a microchip, determining the age of the find. It is reported portal According to scientists, the stone is about 250 million years, which speaks of a pre-existing unknown civilization on The earth. An amazing find was discovered by local fisherman Viktor Morozov in the city of Labinsk. The fisherman gave the find to scientists. Specialists confirmed that the stone contains hitherto unknown a microchip that cannot belong to the invention of mankind. A fragment of technology was discovered on the surface of the stone, previously unknown to science. According to geologists, humanity has to make many more discoveries before revealing the secret of what was found microchip.


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