Found an alien hand?

Found an alien hand?Photos from open sources

Peruvian archaeologists have found another mysterious item that echoes the oblong skull previously discovered here a form that closely resembles the structure of an alien head. Now here are fragments of the hand with extended fingers that allowed scientists to make an assumption – this is the hand of the same alien.

An alien brush was discovered in one of the caves, where in November Last year, the same mysterious skull was discovered. At present time, scientists took an x-ray of the brush, which showed that it is significantly different from a person’s brush. Found on it the nail is very well-groomed, which is not typical for animals, moreover on one of the phalanges of the finger is something metallic, presumably a ring.

A photo from open sources

So far, all studies regarding these strange finds are strictly classified, US authorities intend to conduct DNA testing fantastic hands, after which, obviously, the data will be published. If the analysis also confirms the kinship of the hand and alien skulls – this will be an additional sensation.

Another sensation may be a metal “ring” on brushes, because his metal causes some bewilderment: he unusual, possibly of unearthly origin. At least so think ufologists who have no doubt that Peruvian archaeologists found an alien. That’s just what they’ll do with this remains of power, it is not known, most likely, ufologists say, all this will be again hidden from the general public.


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