Found an ancient “alien egg” with DNA helix

Found ancientA photo from open sources

British writer and explorer of Atlantis Peter Datry discovered an inexplicable stone in the Algarve region in southern Portugal artifact 183 centimeters long. According to a specialist, age his findings should be more than seven millennia.

An unusual boulder is distinguished by a regular egg-shaped and convex image of a double helix deoxyribonucleic acids. Datry suggests that a unique object may have alien origin.

Recall that scientists discovered the structure of DNA in the fifties last century. Therefore, a completely logical question arises: how way and where did earthlings who lived seven thousand years ago get such information? Maybe she was handed over to them by representatives extraterrestrial civilization, after which people engraved a DNA chain on the stone? Or a massive block fell from somewhere in the sky, and ours the ancestors had no idea what she was?

This is not the first mysterious egg.

It is worth noting that such “alien eggs” periodically found in other parts of the earth. Smoothly polished boulders with in mysterious drawings most often depict snakes. You might think, that something similar is also shown on the new “egg” (supposedly, two snakes intertwined with each other), but this is not so. Some reputable scientists carefully studied Peter Datry’s find and came to the conclusion that DNA links are indeed engraved on it. However, most people in formal science prefer ignore the amazing artifact and deny its significance. Them you can understand: otherwise eminent professors will have to recognize that their views on the world are too limited and have long been outdated.

A photo from open sources

But the romantics of alternative science are convinced that “objectionable egg-shaped artifacts were once abandoned on Earth for to make the inhabitants of our planet faster accessible knowledge about some issues of the universe. Why an egg? Researchers suggest that aliens (or maybe representatives of the former, more developed terrestrial civilizations) chose this form for a reason. In many religions and philosophical teachings the egg is a symbol of creation peace, the birth of life, fertility and the beginning.

A photo from open sources

At the moment, a mysterious miracle stone is stored in one of museums of the Algarve. According to the employees of the cultural and historical institutions, the artifact is an ancient menhir – the simplest megalith from processed rock. Specialists do not stop marvel at the skill of the one who performed this product. Nowadays creating such a masterpiece, of course, is not very difficult, but for several millennia before the birth of Christ, man simply did not have suitable tools for this, and such knowledge too. It turns out that the hypothesis with aliens is very similar to the truth.

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