Found ancient cancer-eaten bone hominid

The bone of an ancient hominid eaten up by a cancer is foundPhoto from open sources

There is a common belief that oncology is a scourge exclusively modern man. Bad ecology, synthetic products, sedentary lifestyle, pesticides, radiation all kinds of electronics – all this leads to the formation of malignant tumors. However, have you had cancer before?

Many scientists say yes. True, in earlier times, before medical revolution, oncology was not diagnosed and people just were dying from her without being properly examined and treated. It is likely that the inhabitants of Earth who lived earlier fell ill with cancer less often, however, this does not mean that malignant tumors do not observed then at all. Now it has become known for certain that even our monkey-like ancestors were not protected from cancer.

A photo from open sources

South African archaeologists discovered metatarsal bone the feet of a primate who lived about a million eight hundred thousand years ago. The most striking thing is that a fragment of the remains of a hominid is eaten away osteogenic sarcoma – a malignant tumor producing bone tissue. It turns out that modern lifestyle is not really spawned oncology, but rather made it more common. Ancient monkeys living in virgin nature and eating exclusively natural food, still suffered from cancer.

It is noteworthy that this bone was found in South Africa yet a decade ago, however, only now is fluoroscopic analysis allowed scientists to carefully research their find. Specialists believe that the primate was in severe pain, and his mobility was limited, but nonetheless the cause of death of the monkey, rather of all, it was not a disease – at least not this. Maybe, the tumor indirectly killed the hominid, say, preventing it from escaping predator.

Today it is the oldest example known to science. oncology diseases among our oldest ancestors.

A photo from open sources

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