Found artifact confuses scientists

Found artifact confuses scientistsA photo from open sources

Archaeologists constantly find artifacts on our planet that do not fit into the idea of ​​orthodox science about the origin of man. Some such handmade items half a billion years. The question is, who left them on Earth if officially recognized that a reasonable person – Homo Sapiens appeared no later than forty thousand years ago? But even Homo sapiens at that for a long time I could not have technologies that in some cases are commensurate with modern ones, or even surpass them.

And here is another similar find in Altai – in the famous Denisovo cave. Here, Russian archaeologists recently discovered “bracelet from the future” as they jokingly christened this unique artifact. The fact is that in this stone bracelet, which, like identified scientists, at least fifty thousand years old, drilled a small (only eight millimeters) hole for some purposes, possibly for additional suspension. But not that surprised scientists, but in order to drill such a hole in stone, we need technologies commensurate with modern ones.

A photo from open sources

It turns out that fifty thousand years ago, when Homo Sapiens not yet appeared, the ancient man had modern an idea of ​​jewelry, and even modern technology processing! Is it nonsense? Or after all, orthodox science leads us by the nose? For example, why all this evidence is silent and hiding from the general public, or even simply destroyed? This is how thousands of archaeologists found in America were destroyed skeletons of giant people, which again did not fit into official representation of the origin of man.

One can only hope that Russian scientists, in the end, they will find the courage to tell the truth about the history of mankind. By more than that the Russian people are interested in this more than anything, for there is evidence that the history of ancient Russia (Rus) is much it goes further into the depths of not even centuries, but millennia, and what exactly Slavic world was the ancestral home of today’s Western civilization. The artifact found in the Denisovskaya Cave is another confirmation that …

A photo from open sources

Ancient Cave Artifacts

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