Found at the bottom of the atlantic ocean sunken continent

Japanese scientists discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean remnants of a sunken continent. The discovery was made by the bathyscaphe “Shinkai-6500,” which was found at a depth of 910 meters in a thousand kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, a granite massif formed only on drier. In addition, placers of quartz sand were found, also not formed in the sea.

According to Japanese scientists, they discovered the remains of the continent, which plunged into the ocean several tens of millions of years ago. It came about after Africa and South America split. about 100 million years ago.

A photo from open sources

Naturally, the famous legend of death is immediately remembered Atlantis, allegedly once located in the modern Atlantic ocean and sunken earthquake. However how scientists said they didn’t notice anything that resembled traces vanished civilization.

A photo from open sources

Evgeny Dubinin, Doctor of Geological Sciences:

What Japanese scientists have found is hardly a continent. If would really exist underwater in this region of the ocean a large area, then it would have been discovered long ago, for example, by data of geophysical studies that are actively conducted in almost all parts of the oceans. Most likely the Japanese found the microcontinent, or rather the microblock of the continental crust. The size of such formations is usually tens of kilometers. how as a rule, they are found near offshore zones. Just such and located in the region of southern Brazil, where the Japanese scientists.

At one time, microcontinent were found in the Indian Ocean not far from Antarctica, not far from southern Africa Aguries submarine plateau, plateau known in the North Atlantic Yanmayen. Many microcontinent are open in the ocean near Australia. Now, if they found a microcontinent, say, in the middle of the Atlantic ridge, then this could be a reason for sensation. And when them found near the continental margins – this is a common occurrence.

As for the microcontinent discovered by Japanese scientists, then it arose during the split of a single continent into Africa and South America when a rift crack broke the earth’s crust and constantly bent like a crack running across the glass. Wherein huge microblocks that were submerged in water and became microcontinent. I think that science will find in the ocean yet many such entities.

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