Found oldest message in a bottle

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May 17, 1913 a young German named Richard Platz sealed his message in a dark beer bottle and then threw it into the waters of the Baltic Sea. At that moment twenty year old the baker’s son could hardly have guessed that his message was not looking for harsh winters and raging storms, will survive two world wars and 101 years later it will be accidentally caught by a network abandoned by local a fisherman. Hamburg International Maritime Museum staff believe that the message of Richard is the oldest of all messages ever found in a sealed bottle, especially in bottle intact. In a bottle thrown at sea by Richard, there was a postcard with a message. However, unfortunately, apart from Berlin recipient address the rest of the message is written inaudible, because the ink on the card has significantly damaged moisture seeping into the bottle. Experts hope that soon they will be able to decrypt the message completely. With the help of the Berlin genealogical groups Researchers of the message of a young German found Richard’s granddaughter. Her the name is Angela Erdman. Angela recently turned 62 years old and for her this find was a real surprise. “I can’t pass everyone emotions! This is very moving. When I was holding a bottle of a message from my grandfather, tears rolled down my cheeks, “shared Angela She never met her grandfather since he died long before her birth in 1946. Richard Platz passed away at the age of 54 years. The vessel with Richard’s message is in line with other similar finds. With such as discovered in 1959 message bottle written by Paul Walker, American glaciologist. His message, found after 54 years, describes Walker’s research in the Canadian Arctic. The previous record set a bottle with a message that discovered off the coast of Scotland in 2012. She was thrown overboard in 1914, and found 98 years later. The message in the bottle was one of thousand messages that were thrown into Scottish waters as part of research project to track sea currents at coast of scotland.

Angels Water

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