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Not so long ago, a certain Peruvian farmer discovered more than 10 thousand unique artifacts in the form of stones of various sizes, on which by an ancient artist were completely engraved incredible scenes where people clashed with dinosaurs, sat behind telescopes, performed complex surgical operations, and etc. The stones soon received the name “Iki Stones”. Photos from open sources sciences prefer to call fake and not notice. In order not to change at the root of the idea of ​​the history of the evolution of mankind, “pillars science “publicly announced these phenomenal artifacts a fake, semi-literate farmer was nearly imprisoned allegedly for their falsification, and further study of “iki stones” lost meaning. Gradually they forgot about the stones. It is very characteristic in this regard and the story of the sensational book “Forbidden Archeology” written American artifact researchers Michael Cremow and Richard Thompson. This book describes and analyzes cases. discovering such amazing finds that prove that modern man appeared much earlier than it follows from generally accepted chronology. A few years ago, the materials in this book were used in the NBS broadcast “The Secret of Human Origin”; the transfer provoked in the circles of the scientific community the present shock. A stream of letters from angry poured into the address of the corporation the luminaries of science who called the authors of books and programs scammers and crooks, and the program itself is a hoax. Moreover, they tried to ban the further display of this TV shows by contacting the Federal Communications Commission. In his time geologist Virginia McIntyre of the US Federal Geological Service was sent to Mexico to the archaeological site excavations to determine the age of some found there items. Dr. MacIntyre used the most modern equipment and, nevertheless, determined the age artifacts in four different ways to make sure four times the correctness of the results. And doubt them correctness she had every reason. Archaeologists were sure that found household items for about 22 thousand years, and just wanted receive scientific and accurate confirmation of their assessment made on peephole. “Instrumental methods have shown that age artifacts is … 250,000 years old! But the fact is that the value of 22 thousands of years (maximum 25) is critical for classical theories of the migration of people to the American mainland “dry land”, for exactly so many years ago, according to modern ideas, formed the Bering Strait, which divided Asia and America, in place which until then was dry. Head of the Archaeological expedition rejected the results obtained by mcintyre because they contrary to the above theory, requiring a new checks. She conducted it and got the same results – found objects created by the hands of ancient people were 250 thousand years old! The geologist woman was given a concrete understanding that she “better refuse their mistakes “and to admit the results are ridiculous. Stubbornness has not brought a promising specialist to good: scientific McIntyre’s works ceased to print, and soon fired from Department and forbidden to teach at the university. Here is another one typical example of non-recognition by science of evidence that contradicts generally accepted installations. These are finds related events. mysterious mummies in the Tak-la-Makan desert, Western China. Anthropologists have identified the type of people in rare finds belonged to a certain, previously unknown, Caucasian nation, settled these lands before the first imperial dynasties in China. They were fair-haired, blue-eyed people who wore clothes and shoes of beautiful and bright blossoms. This discovery did not cause a surge of optimism neither scientists nor the authorities, and they decided to give as little publicity as possible, despite the fact that in some cases along with amazing mummies of mysterious people found mummies Ordinary Chinese. In order not to stir up layers of history, mysterious the graves were just … buried. In conclusion, it is appropriate to recall archaeological and anthropological mystery that excites the minds of scientists already many decades and associated with one of the oldest and most poorly studied Olmec civilizations (American continent), traces which are found in what is now Mexico. For some reason, among monuments of culture of this people were sculptures of 5-6-meter goals belonging, in the unanimous opinion of experts (however, this is understandable to the amateur as well), people of a clearly black race, inhabiting those times are exclusively the African mainland! Recently one The Mexican patriotic anthropologist “solved” this unsolvable riddle. He announced that the “Olmec heads” do not represent blacks at all, but representatives of one of the local tribes! Orthodox scholars sighed relief…

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