Found the ancient underground complex of the North Caucasus

Found an ancient underground complex of the North CaucasusA photo from open sources

Not far from the settlement Zayukovo Karabardino-Balkaria in the North Caucasus discovered an ancient underground complex: man-made the structure in the form of an overturned pyramid and the “old city”.

A photo from open sources

Local residents have long known about a hole with a diameter of no more than half a meter, which led to the huge underground city in which they still stand houses, streets stretch, there are squares – that’s just residents have long been not.

Interested in these stories, the researchers decided find the main entrance to the underground city, because a small hole could only be a random hole in the mysterious world of dungeons.

A photo from open sources

Find the entrance of the expedition scientists helped the local caver, who long ago drew attention to the mysterious grotto, from which pulled a draft. The man partially dismantled the blockage, discovering deep mine, however alone did not dare to descend into it. A here, just the team of researchers arrived in time …

The entrance discovered by the local caver brought scientists not to the old city, and in some kind of man-made structure in the form of an inverted the pyramids. The walls here are made of large blocks of regular shape, precisely laid on each other without any solution, which is very resembles the laying of Egyptian pyramids.

A photo from open sources

In addition to the grotto, this obviously technical building had a lot of small gaps, through which you can only stick your hand in. From all this, the researchers made the assumption that all this underground “bunker” had some kind of technical an appointment, for example, could be a power plant, refrigerator and so on. This was confirmed by the fact that on the walls this building was not a single inscription.

In the near future, a team of scientists plans to penetrate underground old city. If the stories of local residents are confirmed, and this city will be discovered, it can be associated with overturned pyramid of a technical structure and recognize that it a whole underground complex of ancient origin, in which people once lived, providing their livelihoods mysterious for us technogenic installations.

Such an underground complex can become not only the largest in territory of Russia, but also an interesting object (ancient civilization) for the entire world community.

A photo from open sources

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