Found the home of Jesus Christ

Found the ancestral home of Jesus ChristA photo open source British archaeologists at the University of Reading for nine years now they have been excavating in the hometown of Jesus Christ Nazareth. Their goal is to detect traces of the life of the messiah in this city, then there are related to his childhood.

The other day they published in one of the world’s scientific journals the message that they found the father’s house of Jesus. Note that by unspoken the ban until 2006, scientists did not dare to check the whereabouts dwellings of Mary and her husband Joseph, although in various sources it indicated and archaeologists of the late nineteenth century described it the place is pretty detailed.

In a published article, archaeologist Ken Dark tells how Excavations of the house of the Messiah took place, and applies a series of pictures discovered home. These are mainly preserved walls, which relate to the first century. The British archaeologist also puts forward the assumption that right after Mary with Joseph and baby Jesus left the city of Nazareth, in place of their home was a temple was soon built, and around it a time ago appeared cemetery.

British archaeologists say the house they found only presumably can be called the home where he was actually born Jesus Christ, all this still requires careful verification and further research on what may take years. However scientists full of optimism to “get to the bottom” of the truth, the whiter that their mission in Nazareth is not finished yet.

A photo from open sources

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