Found the legendary seal of King Solomon

An ancient and incredibly valuable relic discovered in northern Turkey
during raids on smugglers. It is about bronze printing,
which supposedly belonged to King Solomon himself.
The legendary artifact owned by the third Jewish king
was considered lost for more than five centuries.

It is reported that representatives of the gendarmerie from the province of Amasya
broke into the house of a large “black archaeologist”,
engaged in the illegal search and sale of historical
values. In addition to the ancient bronze seal, there also appeared
five books with embossed gold plates, a gold statuette of a bull and
two rare specimens of the Torah.

Specialists who have studied these artifacts, still can not
voice at least the approximate cost of ancient finds.
Exceptional uniqueness makes these items literally
words are priceless. All of them will go to Turkish museums.

According to Jewish and Muslim myths, King Solomon captivated
72 legions of jinn with their demon lords and imprisoned in this
print. In that time, supernatural beings in all obeyed
ruler of israeli kingdom. With their help, Solomon defeated
battles, talked to animals, got secret knowledge, possessed
to myself people and did many other things beyond the control of the simple

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