Found the oldest fragment of our Earth

hijkm7wqof3517l3ifzvA photo from open sources

You look at the oldest fragment ever found. Earth: A piece of zircon 4.375 billion years old. His age confirmed by a study just published in journal “Nature Geoscience”.

University of Wisconsin Geochemist John Valley and colleagues used to study a new technique called atom probe tomography. This technology allows scientists count individual lead atoms inside these zircons found in Jack Hills in the Wastelands of Western Australia.

Valley studies have shown that these zircons formed just 100 million years after the giant space collisions that hit the earth and made the moon what we know her today. And since these crystals are formed from granodiorite or tonalite (materials that are rich in water) – This means that the Earth has cooled extremely fast. So quickly that on its surface, it was likely at that time was water. As Valley himself explains: “Found zircons show us that the early Earth was very similar to today’s. She was not barren uninhabited place. ”


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