Found the skeleton of Goliath

Found the skeleton of GoliathPhoto from open sources

It seems that this relatively small episode was raised by atheists and skeptics, like a banner for making fun of the Bible, in which It was reported about the giant and the victory of the boy over him, moreover, with using a stone.

For a long time, scientists ridiculed the very name of Goliath, arguing that such a name never existed at all. Today, even the most skeptical scholars in this story write that “the very name of the Philistine giant, reminiscent of some Balkan place names, gives the impression of authenticity ”[Tsirkin. Decree. Op. FROM. 142]. The historicity of Goliath and the duel between him and David in detail confirms the Roman historian Josephus Flavius.

When in July 1996 in the valley of Elah, near the Judean Mountains, archaeologist Dr. Simon Dore discovered a skeleton more three meters long, in the forehead of the skull of which there was a stone, from the blow that killed this giant. Surprised and amazed archaeologists immediately remembered the biblical story of Goliath and realized that in front of them, apparently, lies precisely his skeleton tells the biblical project

For, firstly, the huge sizes of the found skeleton coincided with sizes mentioned in the Bible; secondly, the location of the find corresponds to the battlefield between David and Goliath; third, the giant forehead stone is fully consistent with the biblical description causes of the death of Goliath; fourth, the head was separated from torso, which is also consistent with the biblical message; and, fifthly, after much laboratory research found that the age of the bones is approximately 2900-3000 years, which also corresponds to the biblical chronology of this battle [Secrets XX century. No. 6 (39). 2000. March].

The fact is, as is shown today by many scientists on our Earth, in ancient times lived people of very high stature, whole tribes.

A photo from open sources


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