Found treasure from the time of Alexander the Great

A treasure of the times of Alexander the Great was foundA photo from open sources Exploring one of the inaccessible caves in Israel, cavers from the Israeli Caving Club discovered a treasure from jewelry and silver coins. All finds were transferred to Israeli Antiquities Authority.

The treasure was discovered when one of the cavers saw in the corner caves a pair of silver coins, rings, earrings and bracelets. how archaeologists say values ​​have been left here for 2,3 thousand years back. A more thorough study revealed in the cave artifacts whose age reaches 6 thousand years.

A photo from open sources

Scientists believe that silver coins were hidden in a hectic the time that came when Alexander the Great died and the war of the dyadohs, its commanders, leading to the division Empire of Alexander the Great.

Israeli Antiquities Authority Does Not Name Exact Location treasure detection, which is explained not only by the fear of plunder, but also the danger that a hard-to-reach cave may conceal.

A photo from open sources


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