Found unique but looted tomb

Found a unique but plundered tombA photo from open sources

A group of Spanish and Italian archaeologists found in Egypt’s tomb of the god Osiris. If we turn to the ancient Egyptian to myths, Osiris was the god of rebirth and the king of the afterlife. Exactly he taught people to cultivate the land, grow gardens and make wine. According to ancient Egyptian texts, Osiris killed him brother, the god Seth, who himself dreams of reigning.

The location of the tomb of Osiris became known in 1887, however, due to various reasons for excavation, there is practically no were produced. And only in 2014, archaeologists finally penetrated the tomb. It is a complex complex of various rooms and deeply going down mines.

In the burial room, archaeologists discovered interesting wall drawings, which depict demons, moreover, with knives in their hands. All other rooms, unfortunately, were either empty, or filled with trash. Thus, valuable artifacts to scientists find failed – apparently, they were plundered a long time ago. Excavation however planned to continue next fall.

A photo from open sources

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