Four dozen eggs found in China dinosaurs

Four dozen dinosaur eggs found in ChinaPhoto from open sources

It is possible that the Heiyuan City District in Guangdong People’s Republic of China will soon be officially dignified dinosaur house. This name is already in full use by local Journalists covering the discovery of several dozen eggs prehistoric dinosaurs.

During the reconstruction of a major highway in Heyuan, workers discovered forty-three large dinosaur eggs. According to arrivals to the construction site of the experts, nineteen eggs were completely intact, the rest are somehow deformed. Diameter the largest egg is almost thirteen centimeters. The director of the local archaeological museum Du Yanli said that The find is extremely important for world paleontology.

Specialists carefully removed the fossils from the ground and packed them. Archaeological find planned to be sent to China Academy of Sciences. There, scientists must determine which ground eggs belonged to the vertebral. The approximate age of the eggs, according preliminary estimates are sixty five to eighty nine million years old.

It is noteworthy that for Heyuan this is not the first discovery of such scale. Nineteen years ago, on the banks of a local river was found about seventeen thousand tiny egg fragments dinosaurs. The urban district even got into the Guinness Book of Records for the most significant collection of such exhibits. Already then heyuan began to call the house of dinosaurs.

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