Four-year-old Texan discovered bones dinosaur

Four-year-old Texan discovered dinosaur bonesA photo open source Texas resident Tim Brice stated that his four-year-old son, Valley, may have managed to find real dinosaur bones at a construction site in mansfield.

Experts who found out about this arrived at the shopping center under construction. to the center where the boy discovered the fossils, and found that the bones most likely belong to the ground a vertebrate that lived about a hundred million years ago. Tim Brice working in a local zoo, told reporters that very proud of his son.

According to his father, Wally first brought him two from the construction site. vertebra. The man considered that they belonged to large fish, and not gave the son’s find no significance. Over time the boy returned with a large bone. Tim said it’s turtles the remains, however, the son began to assure him that the guest belonged to the dinosaur. The man, succumbing to the entreaties of the child, called the local paleontological center, and they said that they would send specialists for checking fossils.

A quick visual analysis showed that the boy was right – he really discovered dinosaur bones. They were sent to South Methodist University of Dallas. It turned out that these were the remains a representative of the nodosaurus family – large armored herbivores, living in the Cretaceous, that is, about one hundred and ten million years back.

The construction of the shopping center was decided by local authorities suspended, now paleontologists are looking there for other remains of the ancients pangolins.

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