Frightening Roraima Plateau – huge man-made pyramid?

Roraima, one of the most impregnable mountains of Guiana plateaus. At the beginning of the XIX century, a rare local resident, not to mention foreigners, was at its peak. Smooth sheer walls a wide plateau at the top, and most importantly – a constant dense fog, hiding the top of the mountain from an accidental observer at its foot … In Ethiopia, such mountains are called ambas, and in Venezuela they are called mesas. IN In everyday life, these mountains are called by the shape of the peak – canteens. Frightening Roraima Plateau - a huge man-made pyramid?Photos from open sources

The first of the Europeans to discover and describe the largest table mountain of South America – Roraima in the 40s of the XIX century, were German researcher Robert Schomburg and English botanist Yves Cerne. True, their report was somewhat … fantastic. In him rivers with colorful water appeared, as well as animals and birds, inhabited the earth in prehistoric times. MYSTERIOUS WORLD �RORAIMS Relatively reliable information about Table Mountain Roraima managed to get only after almost a hundred years thanks Venezuelan pilot Juan Angel. The story of his hit on Roraima strongly reminiscent of an adventure novel. Once upon a time in 1935, flying over the Orinoco River basin, he strayed off course and, for some time having strayed over impassable jungle, appeared over small a river not marked on any map of this region.

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Having decided that the river will sooner or later lead him out of the jungle, the pilot continued flying along its channel. However, he soon noticed that he was flying not over the jungle, but between two mountains. Having difficulty gaining height, An-hel still managed to land on the plateau, which turned out to be the peak of Roraima. But here, trouble awaited him: the plane could brake and stop only in the swamp from which the pilot couldn’t roll out the heavy machine on his own. Angel came down from the mountain for more than two weeks, and when he got home, he wrote a story about the amazing flora and fauna of a mysterious peak. However, this once the public accepted the story of the life of the mountain plateau for fancy pilot. Only in the late 1960s, the son of a pilot Rolland could equip a full-scale expedition to Roraima.

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EXPEDITION TO THE LOST WORLD During the research of Rolland found that Indians who considered Roraima a cursed place are not far from the truth. We can say that the mountain is cursed by the gods, since it constantly lightning strikes. On a plateau with an area of ​​almost 34 square kilometers there is not a single meter of land in which never struck by lightning. But this is where the wonderful anomalies are just beginning. On the amazing plateau travelers discovered the largest waterfall peace! And if usually a waterfall is the end of the river, then here it was the other way around: the flow of water itself was the source rivers. The highest point of the plateau is a mountain with a height of 2,810 meters. From her huge cracks diverge, which are overcome without special walkways are simply impossible.

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Amazingly, the prehistoric animals that lived in The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle also proved to be a reality. At first, travelers did not encounter anything unusual. To their eyes opossums, lizards, frogs for some reason were black, spiders appeared and snakes. Unusual species of butterflies looked unusual to science. Only after a few days on the plateau, researchers encountered with the first amazing animal that could well live on the pages of the “Lost World”. It turned out to be a fifteen-meter snake with a strange-shaped head and unusual bulges on the back. After behind the snake, travelers saw giant ants longer than five centimeters, as well as frogs, like birds hatching the eggs. Fortunately for researchers, dinosaurs, they never met. But they found numerous remains of prehistoric animals seemed to have died recently. To top it all Wonderland expedition near the waterfall accidentally stumbled upon perfectly round area, completely devoid of vegetation, sprinkled with strange silver metallic powder. A chemical analysis then showed that a similar powder impossible to obtain in terrestrial conditions. It would seem that there are not many sensations for just one mountain?

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ALTITUDE COSMODROM? It turned out, no! In local traditions the inhabitants of Roraima have always been somehow connected with the heavenly guests. In the mythology of the natives – the Indians of pemons, capons and other inhabitants Gran Sabany – Roraima has always played an important role, being present in a number cosmogonic myths. This mountain, according to the ideas of the natives, the stump left by a mighty tree on which all the fruits and tubers of the world. He was cut down by Makunaima – the hero of legends. The trunk fell on earth and caused a monstrous flood. It is possible that such legend may describe some guests from heaven whose actions caused major natural disaster. In the 2000s, the mountain was discovered the largest quartz cave system in the world – Cueva-Ojos-De-Crystal, which is translated from means “Cave of Crystal Eyes.” Long cave extends for almost 11 kilometers, descending to a depth of 72 meters from the surface. It is also unique in that it has 18 exits. IN cave scientists discovered cave paintings depicting unusual animals and humanoids, only remotely resembling people.

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Today, despite a dangerous climb and a large number poisonous snakes on its top, tourists and constantly visit Roraima expeditions, almost each of which opens another previously unknown secret of this amazing place. Peter Paul – popular German researcher, author of the theory of a hollow earth, believes that Roraima is not a mountain at all, but artificially created pyramid. In an interview with Igor Strizhenov, he spoke in detail why. – Peter, why Mount Roraima attracted your Attention?

– First of all, the mountain is interesting for its shape. She’s like carved from a single, monolithic rock formation. If pay attention to its vertical walls that possess smooth surfaces, you can see how in the joints Even vertical lines form on the sides. Top height vertical wall reaches 400 meters. Corner beveled ledge forms fairly clear upper and lower lines around the perimeter. The height of the ledge reaches 170 meters.

On one of the vertical sides, 230 meters high, located below the upper ledge, there are two identical oval symmetrical recesses. Their symmetry favors artificial processing of these surfaces. The mountain at the base has a lower angular symmetrical protrusion around the entire perimeter with a height of about 350 meters. Thus, the total height of the pyramid reaches 1150 meters from its base. Judging by the condition of surfaces and deposits on the upper and lower corner protrusions the age of this formation very solid. If a partial reconstruction of one of its sides, you can build a model of the original shape of the facade of the mountain. AND there is no doubt: we are dealing with a monumental building, once a huge pyramid of unusual forms.

– Do you plan to somehow check the guess about the man-made origin of the mountain?

– Yes, I’m sure that under a layer of numerous deposits will succeed discover well-preserved artificially crafted surfaces as well as artifacts that can confirm man-made origin of this grandiose structure.

– If the mountain really has an artificial origin, then for what purposes and by whom was it created?

– I do not exclude that its creators undoubtedly belonged to highly developed civilization. This is indicated by the myths of the Indians, for which Mount Roraima is associated with the existence of the gods. Actually the pyramid could have several likely destinations. For instance, it’s an isolated landing area for aircraft connected by tunnels to other similar formations and other parts of the continent. Also, perhaps she was conceived as enormous special building with interior spaces.

In the language of the Pemon Indians, roroi means blue-green, and ma means “great”, “big.” Thus, the name “Roraima” is translated from the local dialect means “big blue-green mountain.” IN mythology of pemons, capons and other representatives of the indigenous South American population Roraima played an important cosmogonic role. According to the ideas of the natives, this is a stump left by a mighty a tree on which all the fruits and vegetables of the world grew. Cut it down the legendary hero of Makunaym, after which the trunk fell to the ground and caused a monstrous flood …

– Roraima investigated to the end?

– Her rocks, of course, were studied by climbers, but not completely. Theoretically, you can climb to the top along a mountain trail, it will take about two days. However, during the ascent, the traveler risks get into a cloud of dense fog, so you need to be especially careful.

At the top of the mountain is a stone labyrinth into which several rivers. People often disappear there. Therefore, local guides there Do not go and dissuade tourists from a dangerous walk. Maybe, it is in this place that there is a descent into the bowels that hide riddles of Roraima.

For a long time, scientists were convinced that they could not exist caves. However, in 2009 in these places was discovered the world’s largest quartz cave system. She received the name Cueva Ojos de Crystal, which is translated from Spanish means: “cave of crystal eyes.” The system is located on the Venezuelan side of the mountain, in the territory of the National Park Canaima. In length, it extends for almost 11 kilometers and lowers to a depth of 72 meters from the surface. Unique system The caves also have 18 exits.

– You think that the mountain is of artificial origin. However in in this case, local peoples should have preserved the traditions of true builders of the pyramid.

– Of course! Traditions tell of Roraima – Mother Great Waters, a fabulous plateau. This mountain is considered the source of all mined in the district of diamonds, but the Indians do not come close to it, fearing evil spirits. It is characteristic that the locals call the plateau “the lost world of the gods.”

“Is there a practical explanation for this?”

– Only after careful research will it be possible to answer many questions regarding the bowels of the mountain. You can draw an analogy with giant formations discovered on Mars. However i am still I suppose that the pyramid had a technical purpose. Two symmetrical oval formations may be concave mirror emitters directed parallel to the Earth.

In addition, I have some confidence that Roraima caves and tunnels are connected to the global tunnel system, stretching beneath the entire South American continent. I hope that answers to all questions will be received during the expedition National Geographic Society of Russia, planned in the summer 2013.

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