Genetics figured out when mixing happened peoples inhabiting the earth

Genetics found out when the mixing of the peoples inhabiting the EarthA photo from open sources

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DNA of modern people stores information about evolutionary processes that took place in the past, about how they crossed populations. As part of the latest work, scientists took the DNA of 1,490 people from 95 groups living in different parts of the world, writes New Scientist.

It was further established how the DNA of people from one group similar to the DNA of people from another. The more common parts there were, the closer to the group. If the total DNA segments were as long as possible, then the ancestors of people from different groups have recently mixed up. In general, scientists say: the campaigns of Genghis Khan and his army are genetically changed all the inhabitants of Asia. Parts of Mongolian DNA were found in representatives of six peoples – from the north-eastern part of Asia to Turkey. These genes were acquired around 1250–1300. At the Arab slave trade in the years 650-1900 also left a mark in the genes of 17 groups living in North Africa, the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. All of them were carriers of enslaved genes. peoples from tropical Africa.

Moreover, the group from the Mediterranean had more common genes with people from West Africa, and Gulf groups with groups from the East. This correlates with the main areas of which carried out the slave trade. And here is some genetic mixing was hard to explain. So, the modern population of China carries DNA particles dating back to 1200. And they came from Europeans, similar to modern Greeks. Maybe genes brought western traders traveling along the Silk Road.

The fact of the oldest gene mixing recorded scientists have identified among Kalash living in the mountains in the northwest Pakistan. Around 200 BC they mixed with yet an unknown group, but very similar to the inhabitants of the northwest Europe and West Asia. By the way, the Kalash people themselves are sure that they are descendants of soldiers from the army of Alexander the Great.

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