Giant dinosaur bone found in France

Giant dinosaur bone found in FrancePhoto from open sources

Excavations in France turned into a real for paleontologists feast when they discovered a dinosaur bone whose length was six and a half feet – almost two meters.

According to journalists, the femoral became a unique find bone weighing 880 pounds (about 400 kilograms), which is found in southern France, where over the past decade has been made many similar finds in the form of fossilized bones of prehistoric animals. However, today’s – it’s just amazing characteristics and good preservation of even experienced hunters for similar remains.

This is what Dr. Maxim Lasseron says (Maxime Lasseron):

Having stumbled upon this bone, we immediately realized that it was real luck. However, as it is released from the earth, our surprise grew exponentially. Femur dinosaur was not only truly huge, but also good surviving – just some kind of miracle.

The head of the group of paleontologists Jean-Francois Tournepich (Jean-Francois Tournep) adds to the joke that he finds this find cost a box of champagne because he promised his workers how only find was only outlined. But he thinks this bone is worth much more.

Previously, scientists determined that they found a bone belonged to a dinosaur known as a sauropod. It is huge herbivore, the closest relative of which can be called more famous brontosaurus. French paleontologists have already there are bones of this dinosaur found in 2010, their remains compare and draw appropriate conclusions.

Scientists hope that this piece of land that was kindly provided to paleontologists by the private owner of France, will allow them in the coming years to make many more amazing discoveries about the ancient the history of our Earth, which many millions of years ago roamed dinosaurs as the main representatives of the animal world of the planet.

By the way, note that the brontosaurus became one of the first dinosaurs, reconstructed and shown in museums around the world to the general public. The first copy of this huge herbivore was collected in 1905 in New York. It is not surprising that these giants appear in Steven Spielberg’s famous science fiction film Jurassic Park period. ”


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