Giant people of the distant past and of the present

The giant people of the distant past and presentPhoto from open sources

In the new documentary “Exhibition of the remains of a giant human “paleoanthropologist Alexander Belov considers such an interesting question for our planet, like gigantism. Moreover gigantism is not in terms of disruption of the pituitary gland in some personalities, and in the context of various populations of giants who lived before still found on Earth.

Tall people reaching two and a half meters, apparently lived on our planet relatively recently, why their skeletons scientists find most often, for example, remains in Ecuador, mummies in Texas, the burial places of real giants in the pyramids and so on. Today it is almost proven that the Portuguese, having begun to conquer America, suddenly faced with giant Indians …

The remains of giants whose growth is already much less common exceeds three to four meters, not to mention giant feeds with over five meters tall and weighing more than half a ton. This is understandable since such high humanoid representatives lived on Earth several million years ago. There may have been taller people say, under twenty meters, but finding their skeletons seems as hard as, say, alien remains.

Moreover, as Alexander Belov proves, that is how objective reasons (such people lived a very long time, perhaps hundreds million years ago) and subjective (found bones of giants at all times destroyed by the orthodox, because they are not fit in once and for all established by such pseudo-scientists concept of human origin). For example, where did you go? a giant skull of an ancient man found in the Kremlin? Why in America, the remains of giants were massively destroyed for almost two centuries? Where are the bones of giantpithecus today? ..

The film also tells where in our time populations of people of enormous growth who, as it may seem strange, completely not interested in modern academic science …

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