Giant people once lived on Earth

Giant people once lived on EarthPhotos from open sources of

Another evidence of this was petrified trace of a giant man found the other day in China.

On this strange footprint, obviously a man, only a very large growth, on August 24 came across tourists who traveled around Guizhou Province, which is located in the southwestern part of China. The petrified track turned out to be near the village of Pinyan. Since there were cameras in the group of tourists, the researchers captured this unique trail that may serve as an indirect proof of the existence of giants.

A photo from open sources

Giant height human footprint exceeds foot a modern man about two and a half times.

True, this in no way will shake the orthodox science in relation to the established view of the origin of man. No one not going to revise history even when archaeologists do not find traces, but bones and even completely preserved skeletons of people of gigantic growth. Evidence that our story falsified, cleverly fitted into the framework necessary for someone, just hushed up, and then even destroyed. For example, in America there were destroyed hundreds of skeletons of giant people …


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