Giant people who once lived on the territory modern America

The giant people who once lived on the territory of modern AmericaA photo from open sources

Skeletons or fragments of them, which are easy to determine growth ancient man, sometimes simply stun archaeologists. Even growth in four to five meters, to say the least, is surprising, however researchers sometimes found fragments of the human skeleton, which could belong to a humanoid of ten to fifteen meters. Can you imagine what giants walked the planet in the deep antiquities!

However, why not in school or university textbooks about them even mention? And in any museum in the world at least one giant human skeleton? Unfortunately no. It turns out that the official science in every way opposes the spread of knowledge about giants, once inhabiting our planet. But why?

A photo from open sources

Legends of giants in the traditions of the American Indian tribes of America

If we look at the legends of the American Indians recorded, for example, back in the late nineteenth century by the researcher Horatio Bardwell Kashmanmanom, then in them you will surely find a mention of race of white giants. This is how they are described by various Native American tribes:

  • Choctaw tribe.

    Choctaw ancestors, judging by the legends, constantly fought with the giants, whom they called nahullo. These were white people of huge, not less than three meters tall. Lived nahullo in modern state of tennessee. According to the Indians, Nahullo excelled in everything white pygmies who later sailed from overseas (meaning Spanish conquistadors). They inhabited vast valleys, built majestic fortresses and were highly skilled in various crafts. The Choctaw tribe was at enmity and, when meeting, would certainly kill nahullo. According to the tradition of the tribe, Nahullo died due to the fact that on the gods were angry with them for their pride;

  • Navajo tribe.

    The legends of this Indian tribe also have a mention of the majestic white race of giants who possessed knowledge mining, built big cities and enslaved others tribes and peoples. However, these white giants were too proud, and therefore were destroyed by the gods. Although the Indians may have said that the giants just returned to heaven;

  • Manta tribe.

    This Native American tribe lived side by side with white giants on territory of modern Peru. According to legend, they arrived from across the sea on large boats commensurate with modern ships (comparison with fleet of the second half of the XIX century). These white giants were so it’s huge that the Manta people reached them only to the knee. Giants the whole body was proportional and commensurate with the structure of the skeleton Indians themselves, that’s just growth – fabulously tall.

A photo from open sources

Tens of thousands of remains found in America giants

Throughout the second half of the nineteenth century on the American continent has collected a huge number of legends and traditions of the local population about the giants who once inhabited this territory, but also found no less archaeological confirmations to all these narratives.

For example, in 1877, prospectors washed gold in Nevada, near the town of Evreki, and one of them accidentally saw something strange, sticking out over a cliff. People examined the rock and found in quartzite human bones, only they were too big. Surprised by this, the prospectors forwarded their find to scientists in Jewk. After examining the lower leg and foot, the doctors concluded that this human bones, however the foot size was 97th, i.e. the growth of a humanoid should be about four meters. However, the age of quartzite, in which the foot of this giant was “stuck”, and completely struck the imagination – 190 million years. It turns out that this giant ran around the earth together with the oldest dinosaurs …

A photo from open sources

And there were tens of thousands of such finds (!) In America. But where has all this heritage of archaeological science gone? It turns out the Smithsonian Institution, where all the information about giants and documentary evidence of archaeological excavations, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries decided to secret all this knowledge, and the finds themselves – to destroy. Why? Not fit into Darwin’s theory …

Already in our time, the US Supreme Court at the request of scientists AIAA (Institute of Alternative Archeology) decided on the need make secret documents about giants public. During the trial it turned out that the Smithsonian Institution for all this time (including twentieth century) destroyed tens of thousands of human skeletons and their fragments that proved that they once lived on Earth giants.

By the way, at the trial, AIAA spokesman James Charward demonstrated as evidence of a crime scientists Smithsonian Institution of the human femur almost a half meter, which one of his stole from this institution in 1930 employees. The “culprit” kept this evidence all his life and on his deathbed he wrote about all the frauds in concealment of such artifacts by modern officials from science. what we do, he wrote in this will, what kind of scientists are we after of this? We are simply criminals to humanity.

By the way, the Supreme Court ordered Smithsonian employees Institute to publish all documents until 2015. And where are these information so far? It seems that Americans are very clever at present the classified information that they (finally!) provide the general public. So it was with a UFO, the same can be traced with materials relating to giant people.

But are Americans alone involved in all this? Why and in others parts of the world where the skeletons of giants are also found (where they also fly UFO), the authorities are silent and classified all this information? Not Is the hand of the world monster (Illuminati) felt in all this? which needs only one thing for humanity to be uneducated, dark and therefore – obedient cattle …

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