Giant stone statue of Guatemala and its unsolved mystery

The giant stone statue of Guatemala and its unsolved mysteryA photo from open sources

The giant stone head you see in the picture was discovered in Guatemala about seventy years ago. TO Unfortunately, at present, there is not a single trace left of her a photo.

Most interestingly, the stone face looking at the sky turned out to be Caucasian appearance, it did not match any known race of the American continent. It immediately attracted attention. scientists, however for an unknown reason the mysterious head is already was soon forgotten.

True, in the fifties a stone head still photographed, just in the place where she was found, – somewhere in the jungle of Guatemala. For the first time the general public about this monolith said in the bulletin “Ancient Heaven” Ph.D. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara, whom this photo got in 1987 year.

The article was read by antiquity researcher David Hatcher Childress. He met with Padilla Lara, and he told him that he had found a family Biner, which at one time discovered this mysterious monolith. The stone head still rested ten kilometers from the small village of La Democracia, which was located in the south Guatemala. But when the doctor got to her, he came to full despair: the head was almost completely destroyed: it was destroyed rebels using as a target for shooting. Stone head face was disfigured beyond recognition.

They again forgot about the mysterious monolith, and only the film recalled it Mayan Revelations of 2012, in which it was used photograph of a stone head as evidence of contacts ancient civilizations with aliens. In the film, the archaeologist Maggia claimed that such a monument could create a civilization, superior to earthly. However, apart from the photograph, which presented in this article, no one about the mysterious head did not know and did not know. It was not possible to find her (even the remnants), especially to find out who and why created this masterpiece.

Scientists are still wondering if it was a separate head or it also had a body below, which may still rest in the earth, keeping the secret of its origin, which remained for humanity with seven seals …


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