Giants of past eras

GiantsPhoto from open sources notice when online appear pictures of found skeletons of giants of past eras, for example, people six or twelve meters tall, you must be “wise men” who are in a hurry to assure everyone else that it’s just photomontage.

The most amazing thing is that there are even more such “wise men” among scientists, moreover, of all stripes, who by no means wish to admit that the theory Darwin, on which they grew up and made their doctorates dissertations, initially false. Giants do not fit into this theory, at least you crack! And therefore skeletons or fragments skeletons of giants littered today with storage of almost all museums of the world, many unique finds are kept in private collections of archaeologists or archeology enthusiasts. That’s just public recognition that there were once six- ten-meter people (found skeletons of even a twenty-meter person) still no.

A photo from open sources

Interestingly, the famous writer and traveler, occultist and esoteric Elena Blavatsky, who could “talk with the gods,” in due time wrote that on Earth first there were ethereal (incorporeal) people, then they were replaced the giants came under twenty meters high. Gradually people became smaller until they reached their current growth within two meters. However, on earth you can still find creations of hands giants, not to mention their remains, which are constantly come across archaeologists.

New documentary “Giants of the Ancient World” tells us just about who the titans of past eras were, where they lived, how in traditions and legends the memory of them has been preserved (remember at least epic Svyatogor), and why they do not exist only for orthodox science.


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