Golem – Medieval Robot

Since the Middle Ages, Prague has been considered a mystical city. Mystic still alive there to this day. Literally a stone’s throw from the streets along which crowds of tourists are walking, one of the most mysterious and scary Prague secrets. This Golem is a clay hero created by the sages antiquity to protect against enemies. Literally ten minutes away unhurried step from Old Town Square, the main tourist places of Prague, outwardly pretty nondescript two-story the building, which many pass by without stopping. Meanwhile this is the Staron synagogue, in the attic of which, according to legend, the golem’s body is stored. This clay giant is being told medieval legends was created from clay Kabbalistic sages and is called to protect their masters from persecution and persecution. In the attic of the Prague synagogue, perhaps parts of the clay image lie – the most terrible creature Средневековья Golem - Medieval RobotA photo from open sources Of course, people with a rational warehouse mind do not believe that these stories are real basis. But many are still confident that if necessary, then the golem will come to life and take to the streets of modern Prague to perform order of its creators. And yet it is possible that behind the stories lies quite real information about the technologies owned medieval alchemists and kabbalists. Friend of the Emperor of Legend about golems – idols made of clay and animated with spells – found in Jewish folklore since ancient times. It is believed that only a righteous person can make a golem, never backsliding from serving God. Into a narrow gap in the mouth man-made giant put a piece of paper with written on it a spell. According to another version, the spell is written on the burnt clay ball. You can defeat a golem only by completely destroying his clay body, or having contrived to take a spell from his mouth. Then the monster will again become just a clay figure. All this, Of course, fantasies. But here the creation of the Prague golem is attributed to a very specific person, in the reality of existence which you have no doubt. This is the largest authority among 16th-century rabbis, scholar and philosopher named Yehuda Löw ben Bezalel. More often it is called shortly: Rabbi Loew. Since 1597 he He was the chief rabbi of Prague. He was also very versed in secular sciences. A photo from open sources His deep knowledge in mathematics is known. In addition, Rabbi Loew was friends with the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe, who also lived at that time in Prague. Generally, Prague in the second half of the 16th century was one of the most brilliant and completely exactly the most mysterious city in Europe. After all, then it is here the capital of the Holy Roman Empire was located.A ruling since 1576 Emperor Rudolph II turned it into a real miracle city. Scientists, mystics and alchemists from around the world found refuge here and patronage. Thanks to this, outstanding discoveries and great secrets were kept. In addition to the mind, Rabbi Loew was different pretty strong character. They say that during the big a fire raging once in Prague, he managed to save the library Emperor, not afraid to personally throw himself into the fire for precious books. And another time he pacified a horse that went berserk under Rudolph. II right during the parade. Moreover, Rabbi Lyov did it, according to legend, with the help of one single word that no one heard. True or not, but almost all Prague residents were sure that the rabbi deals with the so-called “practical Kabbalah”, that is actually magic. That is why, probably, they consider him creator of the Prague golem. Naughty servant despite the fact that Rabbi Leo himself was respected by the emperor and even considered his friend, the Jews in Prague did not live easily. How, however, throughout Europe. Noble knights willingly occupied Jewish loan sharks, however, when the time came to give duty, completely forgot about their nobility. One of common ways to get rid of annoying lender was bringing charges. The worse, the better. As a result of jew thrown into prison, and his debtor could consider himself free from all obligations. Фотоfrom open sources One version of the legend of the golem tells just such a story. Moneylender named Eliezer was accused by one of his debtors of abducting a child for a bloody sacrifices. It seemed that nothing could save him from execution. But at the last moment, an allegedly killed child was found. He brought in The court is an amazing clay giant created by Rabbi Leo. Himself the rabbi invented a way to revive him or someone told him a secret another – different versions of the legend tell different things. When rumors of wonders spread around the city, Emperor Rudolph II commanded Ben Bezalel to appear in the palace with the golem. Writer Isaac Singer so conveys the dialogue that took place between the emperor and rabbi: “- With the help of such a giant you Jews could conquer the whole world. How do we know that you will not conquer the rest countries and do not turn us into your slaves? – We Jews tasted slavery in the country of Egypt and therefore do not want to enslave others. Golem – just temporary help for us in a minute especially formidable danger. The Messiah will come when the Jews deserve good salvation. affairs. “How long can this monster last?” – Not a day longer than it will be needed. “Rabbi Loew was convinced that he was completely controls his powerful servant. And planned to use his force only to protect tribesmen from oppression. But soon the golem, who received the name Yosef, ceased to obey him. Why did this happen – they say different things. Either he fell in love with the daughter of a rabbi, or simply thinking about who he is, why he was created and whether he has the right to freedom the will. One way or another, but he began to ruin everything around, and only at With the help of cunning, the creator of the idol managed to pacify him. Then Rabbi Loew cast the spell with which he revived Joseph, backwards forward, and the clay body left consciousness. After that him the synagogues were transferred to the attic and littered with liturgical services from above robes and books. And since then, to this day access to the attic The Old-New Synagogue is strictly forbidden to the uninitiated. Medieval mechanism It is possible that in the form of a legend about clay the protector of the Jews, we heard about bold experiments, which was set in medieval Prague by the mathematician and philosopher rabbi Leo. Perhaps he really managed to create some kind of mechanism, like a giant robot. After all, mechanical figures, some of which were controlled by people sitting inside, and some moved quite independently, in medieval Europe were known. Them called automatons, and usually they were used to decorate the watch. Of course, they were modest enough sizes. Automatons were also known in Russia – according to rumors, Ivan Grozny was a kind of “iron man” who served as a servant. If Rabbi Loew really created a giant robot and released it on streets of medieval Prague, then, of course, this incident does not could be interpreted otherwise than a manifestation of witchcraft. In that case the rabbi had no choice but to quickly destroy their creation, until the Inquisition came close to them. And maybe in the attic of the Staronova synagogue really Are any details preserved from this miracle of technology? Alas, it’s almost impossible to verify – excursions to the synagogue allowed, but you can’t climb into the attic. The golem legend survived Middle Ages. For example, they say that during World War II war one of the soldiers of the Wehrmacht who occupied Prague, despite bans climbed to the attic. And really found there a gigantic clay body. He hit the golem and saw the giant disappear as if dissolved in the air. As for Rabbi Lev, his ashes rest in Prague, at the Old Jewish Cemetery, which is not far from synagogues. His grave is a real place of pilgrimage. It is believed that if you leave a note with a request on the tombstone, then she will come true. At the same time, the sages warn that dangerously. After all, literal fulfillment of desire can bring not only happiness, but also grief. Similar to that which Rabbi Loew himself knew, is not able to cope with his own creation. Victor BANEV

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