Great alien migration from Sirius

The traditions of the African Dogon tribe tell about the relocation of their ancestors to Earth from the stellar system of Sirius and the arrival of living creatures on Earth “in a spinning ark.” Similar other nations have traditions, however, discover amazing astronomical knowledge of a tribe lost in Africa has not yet had to … Photos from open sources Dogons have knowledge of the universe and “spiral worlds”, about the solar system, about the star system Sirius, and much more. The caste of priests (“olubaru”) keeps them already many millennia, memorizing and passing from generation to generation. Dogon priests know that around Sirius-A (hereinafter – SA) rotates in an elongated orbit small, but “heaviest” satellite – the “star” Poe “invisible to the eye (in science -” Sirius-V “, hereinafter referred to as SB). Priests also claim that around SA one invisible star, Emme Ya (Sirius-S, hereinafter SC). According to their to the description, SC has an orbit even more elongated than SB, but one and the same treatment period with him – 50 years. Confirmed message priests that with the approach of SB to SA brightness the latter is increasing. Surprise scientists and periodic holidays “ridges” that Dogon celebrate on Earth, focusing on the period SB orbits. However, arrange them every 60 years and celebrate as many as seven years (!). What looks strange is that the Dogon worship “The Twilight Zone”, as well as what burial sites they make in caves. Yes and methods of tillage and irrigation of the soil they have some unusual (like, however, the tools themselves). Such knowledge is impossible associate with a tribe living in complete isolation from the outside of the world, and therefore the question of the source of their knowledge caused great discussions in science that are already recognized as hopeless … Nonetheless less, all these oddities, like the unusual knowledge of Dogon, find a single explanation for the fact that the Protodogon lived in the system Sirius – on a planet moving with its star (approximately with SC) in an elongated orbit with a period of 50 years. About This is said, first of all, by the holidays of the “ridge” … If the cycle at 50 years old to count from the point “P” the perigee of the orbit, then it becomes it is clear that after its completion (at the same point “P”), after another 10 years, – already at point “N” (after 60 years) SC begins move away from the star. Therefore, holidays are associated with the onset of a “cool” period, more desirable after the sizzling heat of two luminaries – SA and SC. That means 20 of For 50 years, people were forced to live in unbearable heat and droughts (from here – and special methods of tillage), which followed by a 30-year period of “cool.” Moreover, 7 years after passing the point “H” along with the decline in heat was still sufficient illumination from the main luminary of SA, and then stepped on twilight – “Twilight Zone”, lasting 16 years. Essentially holidays dedicated to the “Twilight Zone”, and “zig” (is it coincidental with our “zgi”?) is obviously its synonym. Hence it is clear that SA was already then bright, and SC radiated, as today, very weakly (because of this, it hard to detect). In the conditions of twenty years of sizzling heat and drought the possibility of survival could be provided only in the bowels the planet. This required their appropriate arrangement as autonomous ecosystem, and therefore even burial protodogon did in the same place – in the bowels, and not in the heat of two stars (which they inherited descendants). Information stored by the Dogon, however, is not exhausted … In the traditions of the Dogon, the naughty Wow appears – one of the 4 offspring (“Nommo”) of the first creature (“Nommo anagonno”, created by the supreme god Amma), which without the permission of Amma built an “ark” and, after making several trips around space, descended to Earth, where Amma was turned into “pale fox Yurugu” (according to the second version – turned into “earth”, those. to the planet). Wow, as legend has it, made a “mess” in creation of god. Amma, annoyed by the “antics of Wow,” collected everything that he created (done), and put back into the grain “by” (the grain within which, according to legend, Amma created the Universe). To “cleanse the universe,” Amma was forced to sacrifice one of Nommo. After that, “… spinning and … acting like source, “by” … spread “all things … in the universe.” Empty the shell of this grain has become a Po star … About the mess created Wow, as we see, it is generally said – “everything that he created,” and then we are talking about cleaning the universe, i.e. about a certain “purifier” – a utilizer of this “messy” matter (like a vacuum cleaner), for whose creation Amma “sacrificed” one of Nommo (here, rather, it means the star “Po”, i.e. SB). In the described “utilizer” can not help but recognize the likeness of the so-called black hole (BH), however, this “hole” is a transit one. Unlike deadlock BHs, from which in 2004 at the conference in Dublin even refused famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking – creator of their theory, “holes” converters of this kind (like non-waste juicer). They have innumerable masses of solid matter as a result of limitless collapse lose energy structure (which is the essence of mass), and with it – and energy and go into a state of a kind of “raw” primary matter (“zero-phase” of matter), which stores the “memory” of the crumpled Matter is its information structure. For such matter (by virtue of lack of mass-energy in it) there are no physical obstacles. As a result, the BH is, as it were, partially reversed, and around it (like a protein around the yolk) in the space of the Universe an autonomous non-Euclidean (i.e. curved) space appears in the form of a bunch of invisible (“dark”) matter, which immediately (together with curvature) gains its huge mass. Such a mechanism functioning of transit black holes and stationary matter motion The universe was first described in articles by the author in 2002. Holes as we see, they are not “black” at all, but quite observable, and so maintain a certain continuity, they can be called “zero-BH”. So Thus, in the tradition of Dogon, a closed cyclic the pattern of motion of matter of the universe, similar to that which came from antiquity the image of a snake (uroboros) swallowing itself from its tail. It turns out that our oldest ancestors all this “pseudoscientific” cosmology was already known … That part agrees with this conclusion the plot of the traditions of the Dogon, which tells of the “grain” by “placed into the “egg of the world” from which then “spiral starry worlds “. It is clear that the” grain “is information (information structures), and the “egg of the world” is a young non-Euclidean space (more empty – without substance, but with a development program for the future), formed outside of “null-BH”. In it, “spiral worlds” are grown. Here we find nothing but a single physical mechanism birth of the Universe and star worlds – galaxies described earlier by the author. That is, the Dogon “speak the truth”: in Amma’s “egg of the world” first created the universe in the abstract – in the form of information (“information structure”), which, once immediately outside “null-BH”, went into the concrete – found the flesh of “dark matter”. It is surprising that, according to the tradition of the Dogon, such metamorphoses mean “… the transition from the abstract to the concrete (the appearance of the yalu) – to the coming expansion of the world. “And this, as we see, was known immeasurably long before the advent of science on Earth, at least – after the Flood! .. It is also noteworthy that SB Dogon figuratively identified with the “empty shell” of the grain “by”, which left after “… the spread of things in the universe”, and revered it as the center (“navel”) of the world, which gave rise to the “spiral worlds”. it means that the current SB is a long-standing zero-BH formed as a result of collapse (“explosion” inside) of the pristine red giant SB. Therefore, SB is the maternal bosom. a certain galaxy, the center of its birth (rather, ours). Such a conclusion agrees well with the fact that the traditions of the Dogon share star systems on the “internal” (ours), and “external”, i.e. born by other null-bhd. It agrees with those published in 2002, the author’s articles on the rejuvenation of the Universe didn’t foundations “, and the autonomous birth of galaxies in primary matter null-bh. He finally agrees with the discovered scientists a few years ago by the fact that the solar system moves along a helicoid – an elongated spiral, the center of which was the Sirius system … It follows that the strange “explosion” of SB (without ejection of matter), observed by the ancestors of the Dogon immediately after moving to Earth, was far from the first after its collapse (turning into “cleaner”), and therefore SB years are much longer than The solar system … The traditions of the Dogon even predict the formation of a “new center of the world”, i.e. “null-BH” – already based on SC, which the Dogon calls the “Star of the Woman.” Subject to above, it’s clear that we are talking about a female star who in the future must give birth to another star system. But first she must go through all stages of the evolution of the red giant into the mother’s bosom some new galaxy. It can only mean that the solar in the distant future, the same fate awaits – its absorption “null-BH” and reincarnation are already in the new galaxy … I think not trust the traditions of the Dogon bases there is no more … There is in Dogon traditions and information to determine the causes strange “explosion” of SB (as well as the impending collapse of SC), as well as SA color changes observed periodically and even causes the global flood that destroyed the civilization of the Earth. But briefly it’s impossible to talk about it, and most of the story remained in previously published article by the author. All this speaks of prolonged contact. Dogon with creatures of a very powerful civilization, thoroughly knowing the cosmos and its laws. Dogon, as we see, saved for science invaluable cosmological knowledge of this civilization of the universe, and, obviously, their mission is to bring humanity from a dead end of ignorance, the critical mass of which is no longer subject to evolutionary destruction … * * * * * * * But in general I publish this The article is precisely because of this heap of rather interesting facts. “Duel”, Moscow, No. 16 (465)

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